Guest information for St Salvator's Hall

The University of St Andrews welcomes you to St Salvator's Hall.

General information about St Andrews accommodation can be found on the guest information page. Information specific to St Salvator's Hall can be found below.  

The reception at St Salvator's Hall is open daily from 8am to 7pm. If you have any questions or need help during your stay, please contact reception.

Bedroom servicing

Bedrooms are serviced daily. Towels, complimentary toiletries and coat hangers are provided in each room. 

Common room

A common room is on the ground floor, near the dining room, and includes a piano, television and soft drinks and snacks vending machine.

Dining room

A dining room is near the common room on the ground floor. Meals are served on a self-service basis. At the end of the meal, please remove your tray, with crockery, onto the trolleys in the centre of the dining room.

Fire alarm 

Details of fire procedures can be found in your room. You should familiarise yourself with all the fire exits within your building. If you need assistance to evacuate in an emergency, please contact a member of staff as soon as possible after arrival. 

Fire alarms are tested every Wednesday around 10.45am.

The fire sensors in rooms are very sensitive. Hair spray, perfume, aftershave, and similar items may set off the fire alarm, so please use these carefully.

General enquiries

The residence office/reception is open daily from 8am to 7pm and can be contacted by calling +44 (0)1334 46 7147. In the event of an emergency between 7pm and 8am please contact the duty person on +44 (0)1334 46 7125. 

Heating levels

The heating is set to come on in the morning and evening, for a few hours each time.

During these times, your bedroom heating levels can be adjusted by turning the control on the top edge of the radiator. One is the lowest setting and five is the highest. The radiators, which are thermostatically controlled at number three, will adjust automatically according to the temperature of your room.


You should carry your room key and visitor card with you at all times. Please remember to return both to the porter when you leave. For security, St Salvator’s Hall's front door is locked at all times.


Our Laundry services are run through the Washstation app. Please contact reception for more information. 


Incoming mail is distributed from the table in the front hall. Packages and registered letters will be held at reception and you will be notified of any for you.

We do not offer a service for outgoing mail. The nearest Royal Mail post box is at the corner of Market Street and College Street.