• The Role of Events

We believe that the scientific story behind our work is a particularly powerful one. We are extremely aware that the work we are conducting will be compelling for other scientists, not least undergraduates looking for an exciting research field to enter.

As a result the TOPNES Research Programme is committed to promoting the outcomes and benefits of our work through a wide variety of outreach projects, including special research workshops, schools outreach, open access symposia and through summer schools.


  • Upcoming Events
Event Dates Location
There are no events currently scheduled.
  • Theorists Meetings
Event Dates Location
Theorists meeting August 10th-11th, 2015 London
Theorists meeting January 12th, 2015 Abingdon
Theorists meeting March 4th, 2014 London
Theorists meeting September 28th, 2013 Oxford
Theorists meeting February 1st, 2013 London
Theorists meeting October 2nd, 2012 St Andrews
  • Experimentalists Meetings
Event Dates Location
Experimentalists meeting 1st April, 2015 St Andrews
Experimentalists meeting 4th June, 2015 St Andrews



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