—Who we are

The St Andrews University Real Ale Society, SAURAS for short (like a dinosaur, get it? Like in the title bar? Aren't we so smart) is a university affiliated society dedicated to promoting cask conditioned ale, and pub life in the university. We believe drinking should be something which is done socially, over the course of an evening, and with a drink you actually want to drink, rather than with Tesco value vodka before leaving your house.

We do this through organising brewery tours, and trips to ale festivals, with discounts on admission, and transport, as well as though our weekly pub meetings. As our meetings normally involve sitting around, drinking, and talking, we're a social society almost by definition. And don't worry, we're not elitist. If you've never tried real ale before, or even if you actually do quite like tesco value vodka, thank you very much, we're not here to judge. Come along, try some ale, meet some new people, and see if you'd like to join.

To find out more about the drink itself, click What is Real Ale on the side bar. To figure out what we've got planned this semester, you can click Events, join our FB group to get sent our messages, or email our secretary to be put on our mailing list. You can find him, along with the rest of us under Committee. Once you're done realising how awesome we are, and want to figure out where the pub your comming to meet us in is, click on Pub Guide for an interactive map of worthwhile drinking spots in the town. Finally, if you're somehow not bored yet, click on Links to find other ale related things to procrastinate with.