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Peter Clark is Head of the School of Philosophical and Anthropological Studies in the University of St Andrews and Reader in Logic and Metaphysics in the Departments of Philosophy. He is editor of the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Contact Details

office: Room G05 Edgecliffe, The Scores, St Andrews

email: pjc@st-andrews.ac.uk

phone: from within UK 01334-462470, international 44-1334-462470


BJPS phone from within UK 01334-462459, international 44-1334-462459


Some Recent Publications

Logicism, the Continuum,and Anti-Realism,The Philosopher's Annual,1993,XVI,pp.1-13
Popper on Determinism,Karl popper: Philosophy and Problems,ed.Anthony O'Hear,CUP,pp.149-62
Dummett's Argument for the Indefinite Extensibility of Set and Real number ,Grazer Philosophische Studien, New essays on the Philosophy of Michael Dummett,ed.Brandl &Sullivan,55,pp.51-63
Statistical Mechanics and the Propensity Interpretation of probability , in Chance in Physics,Lecture Notes in Physics,574, Springer-Verlag,pp.271-281
Logicism(with William Demopoulos),Handbook of the Philosophy of Mathematics, ed. Stewart Shapiro, OUP,forthcoming
Frege,Neo-Logicism and the Good Company Objection,Vienna circle Yearbook,2003,Kluwer, forthcoming

Teaching and Courses for 2004-5

PY1003- Introduction to Logic-course description,

PY5205- History & Origins of Analytic Philosophy- Course Description

PY4816-Classical Metatheory- Course description


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