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School of Biology

We carry out research on the ecology and biology of zooplankton that live in the open ocean (the pelagic realm). We use combinations of acoustic (scientific echosounders) and netting techniques to sample zooplankton and gather data enabling us to estimate their abundance and map their distribution. We are seeking to understand processes that alter zooplankton abundance and distribution, and the consequences that changes in the zooplankton have for higher trophic levels (predators) and fisheries.

We are presently funded by three UK Research Councils (Natural Environment - NERC; Engineering and Physical Sciences - EPSRC and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences - BBSRC), the Royal Society and the Darwin Initiative. We have ongoing projects in the sub-Arctic, Antarctic, tropical Atlantic and Pacific, and in the coastal waters around the UK.

Background picture: a plankton bloom and cold core eddies in the gulf stream

courtesy of NASA and the Lunar and Planetary Institute

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