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Acoustic communication, learning, animal behavior, cognition, and ecology


August 2013: New Lab Member

Welcome incoming PhD student, Nora Carlson! Nora has just arrived in St Andrews from the US and she will investigate avian alarm call signal function and learning in Parids for her thesis research. 

October 2013: Duet coordination paper

Our newest paper on happy wren duet coordination was published in Animal Behaviour (see publications for the pdf). Here are links to some of the popular press coverage. 


Jan 2013:

Interested in joining the lab? PhD studentships are potentially available at the University of St Andrews for enthusiastic and motivated young scientists interested in animal communication. Possible projects could investigate alarm signaling in Parids or chorusing in wrens. For more information about these two research projects, follow these links: alarm signals, wren choruses

If you’re interested in either position, please send me an email describing your research interests and past experiences and we can discuss further. Closing date for applications is 31 January 2013.

Nov 2012:

Our newest paper on happy wren duets was just published online in Biology Letters with associated coverage in the popular media.

Here are a couple of the stories:

November 2013: Taxidermy!

Chris and Nora spend two days in Edinburgh constructing raptor mounts with

master taxidermist George Jamieson. Get ready tits, here we come!

more pictures here

June 2014:

Congratulations to Esmeralda Quiros-Guerrera on her CONACYT fellowship. Esme will be starting a PhD with us this autumn focusing on wren duets.

Well done!

May 2014:

New paper on problem solving and song published in Animal Behaviour, with colleagues Neeltje Boogert and Kevin Laland.

October 2014:

Public outreach in the form of stand up comedy: Nora discusses her work on tits at a Bright Club event, with much laughter, and hopefully quite a bit of knowledge exchange too!

Watch the full video of her hilarious set here

August 2015:

BIG News: Chris has moved to Pacific University!

Come visit us in Forest Grove, Oregon.

If you’re a student at Pacific and want to get involved with behavioral research, come talk to me.

June 2015:

Nora and Chris attend the Animal Behavior Society annual meetings in Anchorage. Here’s a picture of Nora’s talk. Other conference highlights included glaciers, whales, otters, and puffins! (and there was some science too). Check out this selfie of Chris together with two of his most important mentors.

April 2015:

New popular science article co-written by Nora and Chris appears in Biosphere Magazine.