Joseph J Easson has been with CSTPV since September 2006. A graduate in Classics and History from the University of Edinburgh, and after completing a postgraduate degree in Information Systems, he has worked on the development and implementation of IT systems for both commercial and educational institutions.

As well as maintaining the various systems used within the CSTPV he is responsible for the creation, editing and deployment of the teaching material used in the Terrorism Studies masters degree programme. Currently he is developing the modular content for publication as multimedia iBooks for use on the iPad and which should be available to students from September 2013.

He is also the Associate Editor for Perspectives in Terrorism, a journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) and the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies.


Joseph J. Easson and Alex P. Schmid, 250-plus Academic, Governmental and Intergovernmental Definitions of Terrorism in Schmid, A. P. (Ed), Handbook of Terrorism Research, London, Routledge, March 2011.

Room 231, CSTPV

E: jje1@st-andrews.ac.uk