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Thesis title

Antecedents of Terrorism: Techniques of Contention in Western Europe

Supervisors: Dr Bernhard Blumenau and Dr. Gilbert Ramsay

Thesis Summary

In order to redress gaps in the current literature and provide a contextually appropriate view of the historical treatment of terrorism, this project will provide a framework to facilitate the examination of the emergence of techniques of political violence associated with terrorism by means of an evolutionary theory. It is postulated that, employed as a useful metaphor, evolutionary theory can allow for the derivation of useful causal explanations as to how and why new techniques of political violence emerge or are innovated upon, spread across various times and places, endure, and sometimes disappear altogether.


Prior to engaging in doctoral studies at the University of St Andrews, Yannick worked as an analyst for the Government of Canada in a variety of capacities (please contact directly for job titles and descriptions). In addition to his doctoral research, Yannick is also undertaking research on the creation of narratives and climates which foster terrorism, with a particular focus on the Islamic State’s use of social media. Yannick holds a Masters of Arts in International Affairs (Conflict Analysis) from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) and a Bachelor of Arts in Directed Interdisciplinary Studies (Security Studies) from Carleton University, Canada. Yannick is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Junior Research Affiliate of the Canadian Network for Research of Terrorism, Security and Society.

Yannick welcomes inquiries from the media pertaining to international terrorism and his research on the evolution of terrorism, jihadism in cyberspace, and discourse and propaganda.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2016). “Paradigmatic Shifts in Jihadism in Cyberspace: The Emerging Role of Unaffiliated Sympathizers in Islamic State’s Social Media Strategy.” Journal of Terrorism Research 7, no 1.

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Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2013, June). “Implications of the sunk cost effect and regional proximity for public support for Canada’s mission in Kandahar.” International Journal 68, no. 2: 346–358.

Contributions to Edited Volumes

Veilleux-Lepage, Y., and J. Fedorowicz. (2015). “The Mau Mau Revolt in Kenya, 1952–56.” In History of Counterinsurgency. 177–204. Edited by Gregory Fremont-Barnes. Westport, Co.: ABC-CLIO.

Non-Refereed Publications

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2016, October). “The ISIS Brand.” Open Canada.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2015, July). “IS’ social media strategy leverages convergence culture.” VOX-Pol Network of Excellence.

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Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2015, February). “Canadian and British Policy Toward Returning Foreign Fighters: A missed Opportunity for Countering the Islamic State’s Narrative?” Research Institute for European and American Studies’ Newsletter.

Invited Talks

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (August, 2016). “Islamic State Online and Media Presence,” (Re)Assessing the Islamic State group and its futures. Afro-Middle East Centre, Pretoria, South Africa.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (June, 2016). “Debunking/Demystifying Terrorism,” High School of Dundee Lecture Series. Scotland.

Conference Presentations

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2016, September). “An Evolutionary Approach to Techniques of Political Violence.” Paper presented at the European Consortium of Political Research General Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2016, May). “Long-Term Study of IS Social Media Propaganda Networks and Content.” Paper presented at the Communication and Conflict: Iraq and Syria conference at School of Oriental and African Studies in London, UK.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2016, April). “An Evolutionary Approach to Terrorism.” Paper presented at the Staff-Student Research Seminar Series at the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (2015, August). “Paradigmatic Shifts in Jihadism in Cyberspace: The Emerging Role of Unaffiliated Sympathizers in the Islamic State’s Social Media Strategy.” Paper Presented at the European Consortium of Political Research General Conference in Montreal, Canada.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (December 2014). “Retweeting the Caliphate: The Role of Soft-Sympathizers in the Islamic State’s Social Media Strategy,” Paper presented at the 6th International Symposium on Terrorism and Transnational Crime in Antalya, Turkey.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (October 2012). “Staying the Course: Implications of the sunk cost effect and regional proximity during Canada’s mission in Kandahar,” Paper presented at the Canada and Afghanistan Conference: A Political, Diplomatic, Security, Economic & Social Assessment in Indianapolis, USA.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (February, 2012). “La montée de l’extrême-droite aux États-Unis,” Paper presented at the 25th Annual World Issues Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Veilleux-Lepage, Y. (February, 2011). “Towards an Historical Approach to Terrorism.” Paper presented at the Political Science Graduate Student Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Media Contributions

Printed Press

Hugo Ewald. (2016, March 13). “Så här sprider IS sina filmer.” Metro Sweden.

Hugo Ewald. (2016, March 13). “Experterna: Så kan IS onlinerekrytering stoppas.” Metro Sweden.

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Online Press

(2015, November 18). “Who’s Responsible for Stopping Social Media?.” ResearchGate News.


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