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Twitter: @sneha_tumu

Supervisor: Professor Sir Hew Strachan
Secondary Supervisor: Dr. Frédéric Volpi


Sneha Reddy is a PhD Candidate at the University of St Andrews. Previously, she studied at Sciences Po, Paris and St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Her doctoral thesis explores the role of North African and Indian soldiers in the First World War in Palestine and Syria 1917–1923. She focuses on the military identity and motivation of colonial troops by studying their enrolment, combat experience and demobilisation.

Sneha is away on archival research in Paris and London this semester. At the School of International Relations, she was a conference assistant for the IR Monday seminar series 2016–2017. Prior to this, she was a research assistant in the international security studies programme 2014–2015. Sneha plays for the university girls basketball seconds team and is a member of the St Andrews mountaineering club.

Research Areas

Military history, strategy, political violence