Terrorism Research: Past, Present and Future

19-20 September 2014

A Symposium to Mark the Twentieth Anniversary of the Establishment of CSTPV

To be held at the University of St Andrews

Download Programme [PDF]

Day One

09.45 Opening Remarks - Professor Richard English (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Session I: Defining Terrorism


Chair: Dr Peter Lehr (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Speakers: Dr Alex Schmid (ICCT The Hague), Dr Gilbert Ramsay (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Discussant: Professor Richard Jackson (Otago)

Session II: The Causes of Terrorism


Chair: Professor Richard English (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Speakers: Professor Barbara Walter (UCSD), Professor Robert Pape (Chicago)

Discussant: Dr Javier Argomaniz (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Session III: The History and Historiography of Terrorism


Chair: Dr Sarah Marsden (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Speakers: Professor Bruce Hoffman (Georgetown/CSTPV, St Andrews), Professor Warren Brown (California Institute of Technology)

Discussant: Dr Tim Wilson (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Day Two

Session I: The Consequences of Terrorism


Chair: Dr Orla Lynch (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Speakers: Professor John Mueller (Ohio State), Dr Rashmi Singh (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Discussant: Sir David Veness (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Session II: States and Terrorism


Chair: Dr Mark Currie (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Speaker:Professor Jeff Goodwin (NYU)

Discussant: Dr Roddy Brett (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Session III: Future Questions to Answer


Chair: Professor Nick Rengger (St Andrews)

Speakers: Professor Sir Adam Roberts (Oxford/CSTPV, St Andrews), Professor Alex Danchev (CSTPV, St Andrews)

Discussant: Professor Martha Crenshaw (Stanford)

17.30 Concluding Remarks - Professor Louise Richardson (CSTPV, and Principal, St Andrews)