Graduation - June 2018

Dr Tim Wilson giving his graduation address and the procession afterwards

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The Handa CSTPV Introduces the New Professional Doctorate (DProf) in International Relations

The new Professional Doctorate (DProf) in International Relations offers a more flexible and attractive programme of research study to those students working in a professional capacity.

Undertaken on a part-time basis, professional practice is at the heart of the DProf, which is open to experienced professionals who are employed in any area of work, including those in emerging professions and disciplines.

New Podcast Series on Northern Ireland

On 10 April we mark the 20th anniversary of the signing of the 'Good Friday' Agreement, the historic peace deal that ended nearly 30 years of conflict, a period known as the 'Troubles', in Northern Ireland.

This month's series on Northern Ireland traces the long history of the Northern Irish conflict, and explores how the peace process is bedding down 20 years on from the Good Friday Agreement.