TOEBI: Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland

Annual Meeting 2009: Saturday 24 October, Lawson Lecture Room, School of English, University of St Andrews, The Scores, St Andrews, 10am- ca. 4.30pm




10.00-10.30 Registration and Tea, Coffee

10.30-12.00 Learning Old English: Earlier Traditions

  • Kees Dekker (Groningen), ''Stæfcræft is seo cæg': Old English Grammar in the Works of Thomas Marshall (1621–1685)'
  • Robyn Bray (Glasgow), 'John Josias Conybeare (1779-1824) and the Curious Case of his Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry (1826)'
  • Chris Jones (St Andrews), 'Teaching Old English in the Nineteenth Century'

12.00-12.30 The TOEBI Survey

12.30-2.00 Lunch at The Byre Theatre

2.00-3.30 Learning Old English: Personal Experiences and the Age of TOEBI

  • Tom Duncan (St Andrews), 'Learning Old English in the twentieth century: à la recherche du temps perdu'
  • Donald Scragg (Manchester), 'Fifty Years on: The Old English Phoenix'
  • Hugh Magennis (Belfast), 'Learning Old English and TOEBI: TOEBI 1989-2009, and Going Strong'

3.30-3.45 Tea, Coffee

3.45-4.30 AGM, Conclusion


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