Sara Friend

Ph.D. Candidate in Social Anthropology

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Collaboration was a buzzword for many of the people I worked with in the renewables industry during my PhD fieldwork in Orkney.

While I do not intend to focus heavily on this ethnographic theme in my thesis, I did try to draw it into my methodology while I was in the field. This collaboration was mostly informal: I would let what my informants were saying and what I was observing guide my subsequent research, following up on comments and stories with other informants where and when applicable. In a more formal use of collaboration, I held a series of workshops/focus groups with members of the renewables industry, in which we discussed topics and themes from my fieldwork.

Throughout the writing-up process, I hope to continue to employ collaboration by maintaining contact with my informants and giving them the option to read over sections where I have decided to use their words and the presence of their character. I also spent time with residents of Orkney who were not involved in renewables. I hope that continued collaboration concerning my informants’ statements will enhance the ethical responsibility of my work.