Integrated year abroad Russian MA (Hons) 2020 entry

It is possible for students applying for the MA (Hons) in Russian to study abroad in a Russian-speaking country between their second and third year of study. This adds an extra year to the MA (Hons) course, making it a total of five years in length.

Students who spend a year abroad develop their linguistic skills, intercultural competence, and self-confidence. 

There are no teaching assistantships or other work placements available for students choosing the integrated year abroad programme in Russia. Instead, students spend their year in Russia on study placements on academic programmes in various institutions of higher education in the Russian Federation. 

It is possible either to spend a full year abroad studying in Russia or, for students studying multiple languages, to split the year abroad between a semester studying in Russia and a semester on an industrial work placement in France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

Places are granted on merit during the second year of study and do not take into account the initial UCAS application. If students are unsuccessful with their year abroad application, they will be moved to the four-year Russian MA single Honours degree programme.

To find out more information, or to discuss the possibility of an integrated year abroad, please contact the Department of Russian.


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Entry requirements

The entry requirements for Russian with a year abroad are the same as the Russian MA (Hons) degree. However, to be eligible for Russian with a year abroad, students must gain Honours entry in all subjects that they intend on taking at Honours level. Students who do not achieve entry to Honours-level in their chosen subjects must withdraw from their selected year abroad destination at that point.

Beginners in Russian are normally expected to spend a year abroad in a Russian-speaking country in order to advance to Honours years (fourth and fifth year). If you are a beginner in Russian and another language (through a joint degree), please consult your year abroad coordinators in both departments.

UCAS code


Degree type

Master of Arts (Honours) with integrated year abroad

Course duration

Five years full time

  • Start date: 7 September 2020
  • End date: 30 June 2025

How to apply

Course information

The MA (Hons) in Russian with an integrated year abroad follows the same course structure as the Russian MA (Hons) degree, with the addition of a year abroad in between second and third years of study.

During their integrated year abroad, students are required to take the following compulsory module:

  • Russian Integrated Year Abroad: language learning and cultural familiarisation through a study placement in Russia.

The assessment for this module includes a supervised research project chosen in consultation with the module coordinator, and an oral exam in Russian which is sat upon the student’s return to St Andrews after their year abroad, during which the year abroad experience will be presented and discussed.

More information about the Russian modules currently on offer can be found in our module catalogue.

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