How to apply for undergraduate study

Every year, we receive thousands of undergraduate applications from students who wish to study at the University of St Andrews. Our focus is on finding the students who will challenge ideas, make innovative findings, use their leadership talents in new areas, and take advantage of the breadth as well as the flexibility of the University’s offerings. Find out which application process is most appropriate for you below.

Most applicants for first-year entry will apply to other universities as well as to the University of St Andrews through a single online Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application.

Overseas students may apply through the Common Application if they are not planning on applying through UCAS or with a direct application.

For overseas students who are only applying to the University of St Andrews and are not also applying through UCAS or the Common Application, we welcome direct applications.

A small number of students each year are offered the opportunity to join the University of St Andrews from another university.

Some students who wish to enter the Faculty of Science have the opportunity to proceed directly into the second year of their course.

If you are interested in information about how we decide to offer places, or when you are likely to receive a response to your application, take a look at our 'after you apply' page.