Financial help for students with children or dependants

Undergraduate students may receive extra assistance in the form of grants from their funding body if they have children, particularly lone parents and those who have to pay for childcare costs.

If you have childcare costs you may be eligible for Childcare or Discretionary Funds if you are a UK student, these funds can help towards the cost of registered childminders, after-school clubs, day care, sitter services and providers of pre-school and education. Contact our Money Advisers who will advise how to apply to these funds through My Saint.

Tax credits
Please ensure that you are claiming the correct amount of tax credits - remember even if you do not work you may be entitled to claim child tax credits if you have dependent children and are a UK student.

Universal Credit and benefits
As a student with dependants you may also be eligible to continue receiving some of your benefits or start receiving new benefits such as Universal Credit to make up for a fall in income. For detailed information regarding what you may be entitled to please see the link below:

For detailed information about Universal Credit and how your studies will impact this please check:

For further information on any of the above or other finance related queries before or during your studies please do not hesitate to contact our Money Advisers