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School/Unit Health and Safety Committee

A School/Unit Health and Safety Committee must be appointed by Head of School/Units whenever justified by the nature and extent of risks. This Committee should consist of an appropriate number of persons, so that the main groups of staff, and Trade Union Safety Representatives (if appointed) are represented. Where appropriate there should also be student representation.

In Schools/Units where risks are low and there are only a few employes, the appointment of a Health and Safety Committee is not justified. In these cases health and safety should be a standing item on the agenda of School/Unit management meetings.

The School/Unit Health and Safety Committee should promote a positive attitude to health and safety amongst staff and students, and act as a focus for observations on, and problems with, standards of health and safety.

The functions of a School/Unit Health and Safety Committee should include the following:

  • carrying out regular health and safety inspections of the School/Unit, at least once per year. The main purpose of such inspections being to verify that:-

the requirements of the University Health and Safety Policy have been implemented;
the School/Unit Safety Policy/Local Rules are up-to-date and being complied with;
  • assisting the Safety Co-ordinator in carrying out his/her duties;
  • promoting actions to improve safety awareness among staff and students;
  • receiving observations and complaints regarding health and safety matters and recommending appropriate remedial action;
  • referring unresolved health and safety matters to the University Safety Adviser, or the University Safety Committee, as appropriate.


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