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Induction (New Workers)

Induction training helps to fulfil a legal duty to protect employees and others, it also promotes safety awareness and demonstrates the commitment of management to health and safety.

Schools/Units should take steps to ensure that new workers, viz. members of staff, postgraduates and research workers receive appropriate induction training prior to commencing work, or as soon as is reasonably practicable thereafter. Details of the induction arrangements which are in place should be included in the local health and safety policy.

The following provides guidance on items which should be included in an induction training programme.

Fire Safety Instruction

  • describe the sound of the fire alarm;
  • show the Fire Action Plan (Notice), stress the importance of complying with this procedure and ensure its contents are fully understood;
  • show the escape route(s) from the normal place of work; show the call point(s) which are in, or nearby, the normal place of work and explain how to operate;
  • show the location of all portable fire extinguishers provided in the normal place of work and explain how to use.

Identification of Staff with Safety Duties

  • identify the local Safety Co-ordinator;
  • identify the local First Aider(s);
  • show the location of the First Aid Box.

Provision of Health and Safety Rules/Guidance

  • provide, or make available, a copy of the Health and Safety Policy for the School/Unit;
  • provide, or make available, a copy of any University guidance relevant to the new persons foreseeable work activities.

Identification of Hazards in the Workplace(s)

  • identify significant hazards to which the new person may be exposed and explain the use of any control measures which are in place to reduce risk.

Record of Induction Training

  • it is important to keep a simple record of all such training given;

The record should include the nature and duration of training, the name of the trainer, the name(s) of the person(s) who received the training and the date on which training was given.


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