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Arc Welding

Arc welding takes place in a wide range of workplaces. The extent of use can vary each time welding takes place and it may expose welders and others nearby to risks to their health and safety. The main health and safety hazards from electric arc welding are:

  • fumes;
  • gases - toxic and/or asphyxiating;
  • radiation - ultraviolet, visible and infra red;
  • magnetic fields around welding cables;
  • spatter and hot components;
  • fire and explosion; and
  • electric shock and burns.

Note: Some of the health and safety risks from these hazards will increase significantly when working in a confined space and damp or wet conditions.

All arc welding work should carried out in accordance with good working practice and in compliance with relevant industrial standards.

Information Documents

Electrical safety in arc welding HSG118 (HSE)

Health and safety in arc welding HSG204 (HSE)


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