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As a body which receives funding from the Public Sector, the University is obliged to undertake a competitive tender process for the supply of goods and services and does so, where the value exceeds £25K.

Procurement is responsible for tendering on behalf of the University, and we undertake this using the In-Tend e-Tendering system. This allows the process to be carried out electronically in a way that allows us to operate in a controlled manner that keeps timescales to a minimum. More importantly, it ensures we meet our legal obligations in a lean, efficient and effective way. This also ensures compliance with our Financial Operating Procedures, Internal and External Audit requirements.

Tender opportunities are also advertised on our Buyer Profile and Public Contracts Scotland. Requirements of a value near or in excess of the EU Thresholds detailed above must be advertised via OJEU (Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union).

Why we tender?

The University of St. Andrews Procurement Strategy and Financial Operating Procedures dictate that budget holders use National, Regional and Institutionally Tendered Contracts to meet requirements for the supply of goods and services. Whenever practical this is the route that must be taken.

These suppliers can be broadly defined as having been successful in a:

Where this is not possible, in most cases there is still an obligation to undergo some form of competitive process before any relationship can be entered in to.

Your aim is to challenge the existing supply route when tender opportunities arise. Therefore you should consider:

  • Is my product already covered by contract?
  • When does the current contract expire?
  • Where can I find details of tender opportunities?

This is the strategic direction of the University, and we would therefore discourage suppliers from sending in catalogues, brochures and offers to Procurement (or individual Schools and Units) as these will not be considered in line with the above.



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