Projects involving the NHS, MOD or health and social care services

This page gives information regarding obtaining ethics and governance approvals for research, and some other types of work, involving the NHS, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) or health and social care services. This can include studies outside of the UK involving health or social care, depending on local requirements. 

All research involving human participants, their data or samples requires University ethics approval, regardless of any external ethical or governance approvals. 

The University encourages researchers to consider undertaking research and other projects involving the NHS, the MOD or health and social care research.

If you are planning a project involving the NHS, MOD, health and social care, or any clinical research, contact Get in touch as early as possible as acquiring the appropriate approvals can take months.

Clinical research and the University's ethical review application form

The University is required to collect data, for insurance purposes, on clinical research being undertaken by researchers at the University and so the ethical review application form includes a check box -'is this clinical research?'.

You must check this box on the form if your research fits the following definition. You should also check with that there are no specific insurance requirements for your research.

Clinical research (for insurance purposes) means research involving human participants that includes an investigation or series of investigations conducted with the aim of:

  • treating disease, physiological or psychological conditions
  • preventing disease, physiological or psychological conditions
  • diagnosing or ascertaining the existence, degree of or extent of a disease, physiological or psychological condition
  • assisting with or altering in any way the process of conception or investigating or participating in methods of conception or contraception
  • preventing, modifying or interfering with the normal operation of a physiological or psychological function.

This definition may change depending on the current insurer's criteria and, while updates on any changes will be communicated to your School ethics committee, you may wish to check this webpage regularly.