Draft module handbooks

The current module list shows all the modules being taught by the School this academic year. Honours module offerings may changes from year to year. 

School modules are coded PN for Neuroscience and PS for Psychology.  The first digit of the four figure number represents the year. e.g. PN4235 is a neuroscience module for fourth year students.  Modules starting with a 5 are Postgraduate Taught modules.

The Psychology undergraduate teaching curriculum (PDF) outlines the BSc and MA Psychology teaching curriculum for all degrees.

Below is a list of draft module handbooks.  Note that some are from previous years, and are offered for guidance only while the current year's syllabus is finalised.  The content of these modules is not likely to change substantially.  Contact the module controller for further information. New modules will contain preliminary descriptions. Check module availability in the module catalogue, as some modules may not be available every year.