Undergraduate study

The School provides degrees in two subjects: Psychology and Neuroscience.


There are multiple ways to study psychology at St Andrews:

  • Psychology MA - study Psychology alongside Arts subjects
  • Psychology BSc - study Psychology alongside Science subjects
  • as part of joint degree.

The psychology components of the degree are the same for the MA and BSc.  Arts and Science students take the same modules. The difference between the MA and the BSc is in the additional subjects studied in first and second year.

A degree in Psychology from St Andrews is recognised by the British Psychological Society as conferring basis for graduate registration, and qualifies you to undertake training in various areas of professional psychology, including both clinical and educational psychology.

The School specialises in:

  • cellular and developmental neuroscience
  • origins of mind
  • perception, cognition and action
  • social and group processes.


The Neuroscience degree programme is jointly taught by the School of Psychology and Neuroscience and the School of Biology. The degree structure is specifically designed to confer considerable flexibility, allowing students to tailor their degrees toward their own interests, whether they lie in biochemical neuroscience or behaviour. The course also emphasises the importance of developing practical skills alongside neuroscience theory. All modules therefore have laboratory classes incorporated within them.

The School specialises in:

  • animal motor control
  • neuraldegeneration
  • neuraldevelopment
  • animal behaviour
  • learning and memory.

Other courses

The School also participates in the following programmes:

We also have a number of study abroad opportunities for both Psychology and Neuroscience undergraduate students.