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Research interests

Staff music research interests aim both to support current undergraduate elective module teaching and to support the wider research environment of the University. 

Please contact the Music Centre ( if you would like to explore a new research collaboration with a member of staff whose current music research interests (listed below) best matches your area of enquiry. 

Chris Bragg
Research interests include:

  • organ history, design and restoration of historic instruments
  • 20th-century organ reform movement
  • particular interest in historic organs in Scotland and Germany.

Michael Downes
Research interests include:

  • opera (music, text, translation, performance)
  • relationships between music and religion
  • art song
  • Wagner and Wagnerism
  • late 19th and early 20th-century music, especially in Paris (Debussy, Stravinsky) and Britain (Elgar, Britten).

Michael Ferguson
Research interests include:

  • sacred music, particularly Catholic church liturgy in modern Scotland.

Jonathan Kemp
Research interests include:

  • acoustics
  • guitar strings
  • brass instruments
  • consonance
  • bioacoustics.

Jane Pettegree
Research interests include:

  • early modern drama and opera
  • song lyric and poetics
  • performance and identity
  • ethnomusicology, especially of Scottish music.

Tom Wilkinson
Research interests include:

  • early keyboard instruments and performance
  • J S Bach music compositions and reception.

Bede Williams
Research interests include:

  • artistic research
  • composer-performer collaboration
  • conducting.