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Research and collaboration

The Museums team actively researches the collections and collaborates with academic Schools on research projects.

We showcase the groundbreaking research at the University of St Andrews, through our exhibitions and programming but we also support, collaborate on and lead research using our collections, our audiences and our expertise.

Everything we do is created by and with University staff and students.

If you have an idea – however well-formed or early-stage – and would like to work with the Museums team to develop it then we want you to get in touch. The first stage in working with us is to complete the Note of Interest form (PDF)  

Wardlaw Museum: Research Studio

The Research Studio is a new kind of space, marking a new way that the museums team are working. It is a space for curiosity and conversation, inspired by the spirit of enquiry that is at the heart of University research and teaching.

The Research Studio space will be flexible, and we encourage experimentation and prototyping, as well as creativity and the development of new ideas. Some exhibitions will begin their development in this space, and at other times there will be conversations and public events taking place in here. Whatever it is, it won’t be the same thing twice.

Research with Museums

Complete a Note of Interest form

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