Coronavirus information and guidance


For students and staff, the Museums use collections in dual-mode teaching and projects, creatively blending in-person and remote learning that support and enhance the experience of all students. The Museums will work with you to develop an offer that is carefully targeted to meet the needs of your groups.

For schools, the Museums offer a range of unique free programmes for all ages and across all areas of learning, from one-off workshops to longer-term projects. Programmes enhance the skills learnt in the classroom, give insights into University life and support Curriculum for Excellence and Developing the Young Workforce.

All learning is supported by the Museums’ team of specialists and uses state-of-the-art interactive technology to provide high-quality online and socially-distanced experiences as required.

Exhibit: Digital storytelling

The Museums of the University of St Andrews have developed an innovative new tool which enables anyone to access our digitised objects and to create interactive presentations.

Exhibit can be used for teaching, for assessment, for presenting and for telling all sorts of stories.

Exhibit is easy to use and can be shared or embedded in WordPress and web pages. It can be shared with students, who can also create their own presentations.  For more information on Exhibit and how to use it go to our Collections page.