The Museums’ collections are of national and international importance, and consist of around 115,000 artefacts and specimens reflecting more than 600 years of academic enquiry, creativity and innovation. Among them are three Recognised Collections of National Significance: our Heritage, Chemistry, and Scientific Instruments collections.

The Museums’ enduring mission is to steward and share these collections, engaging people everywhere with the intellectual and cultural life of St Andrews.

Museum collections are on show in the Wardlaw Museum and the Bell Pettigrew Museum, stored and studied in a dedicated Collections Centre, displayed across the University campus, and lent for exhibition nationally and internationally. 

These are active collections and we welcome researchers who would like to make an appointment to study them in the Collections Centre. We are working on an ambitious plan to catalogue and digitise the entire collection and at present the online catalogue does not include every object. As such, enquiries relating to objects or to collection areas are welcome.

You can find out more about our fascinating collections on the Museum Blog


Exhibit: Digital Storytelling

The Museums of the University of St Andrews have developed an innovative new tool which enables anyone to access our digitised objects and to create interactive presentations with material from our collections. Developed by University of St Andrews and Mnemoscene using The Universal Viewer, with support from the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund.