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French First Level Modules

FR1001 and its companion module FR1002 in semester 2 cover a combination of language and literature designed to build on skills you have acquired at secondary level and help you develop grammatical precision, a sense of language in context, critical and analytical reading skills and translation skills. By the end of the year, you will have revised and consolidated your existing grammatical knowledge and built on it to include all the main areas of French grammar you will need throughout your studies. You will be confident reading and analysing a range of literary genres and other types of text. You will also build confidence and fluency in oral French through weekly classes in small groups with a native speaker.

We do not teach French for beginners, students must have at least grade A in French at Higher, or Advanced Higher, or A-Level or equivalent. A selection of literary texts are also studied per semester; these are read not just for their intrinsic merit, but also as a means of enhancing language learning and introducing students to wider issues of French history and cultural identity. Teaching includes weekly grammar and vocabulary lectures and small-group language seminars and oral classes, as well as a programme of literature lectures and seminars.

Please be aware that module details are only correct for the current academic session and may change from one year to the next.

Module CodeAcademic YearModule Title
FR1001 2018/9 French Language and Literature 1
FR1002 2018/9 French Language and Literature 2