Undergraduate study in Modern Languages

The School of Modern Languages prides itself on being a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and engaging academic community that welcomes all students wishing to pursue the study of foreign languages and cultures and Comparative Literature.

In the School, you can continue your language studies that began at school. Or you can learn a new language or subject:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Comparative Literature
  • German
  • Italian
  • Persian
  • Russian
  • Spanish.

In order to study a language from beginners’ level, you do not need to have studied any languages previously.

You can study for a degree in one, two or three subjects or combine one of language subjects with a very wide range of other subjects on offer at the University. All of the language subjects aim to help you achieve a high level of fluency that you can use in all communicative contexts. Alongside acquiring the language, you will study the culture, literature, film, history and politics of the countries in which that language is spoken.

Study abroad

Your degree gives you the opportunity to spend time working or studying in a foreign country to improve your linguistic skills as well as your cultural understanding. All of the School’s various degree programmes offer considerable flexibility with regards to study and work abroad placements: you can go abroad for anywhere between one and three semesters, depending upon your combination of subjects.

Why study modern languages?

Studying foreign languages and cultures opens up exciting employment opportunities after graduation. Graduates from the School are highly sought after and have gone on to jobs in the civil service, education, NGOs, journalism and business.