Academic life and more

As a PhD student in the School, you will also be allocated a desk in a dedicated study room and a computer

During your studies, you will get to meet up with other research students in discussion groups related to study topics.

You may also be given the opportunity to teach undergraduate classes. This will give you teaching experience to add to your CV.

Some travel funding is available for attending conferences; applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.


There is an annual reading party for the School’s PhD students to share research findings. This reading party is held at The Burn, a country house with beautiful surroundings about an hour’s drive from St Andrews.

As a postgraduate, you will be represented on the School’s Staff Student Consultative Council.

In addition all postgraduate students are members of St Leonard's Postgraduate College.

The Postgraduate Society represents postgraduate students within the Students' Union and organises events.

Skills training

Some students will be required to take SMSTC courses, and some Statistics students will take ATPS courses.

The Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED) offers a variety of training and professional development courses.

University support