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Change your password

When you change your password, you will need to sign into University systems again. If you use eduroam on your mobile, you'll need to reinstall the eduroam profile.

Services that use your password

  • Access to shared file space (shared drives)
  • Apple iPhone/iPad
  • Eduroam
  • eVision
  • MMS
  • Moodle
  • Parallels RAS
  • SITS
  • UniPrint
    • Mac - delete the UniPrint entry in the Keychain
    • PC - manually edit the UniPrint entry in Control Panel > Credential Manager
  • VPN
Some symbols may not be accepted by certain systems. If your password isn't accepted and you're using these systems, try removing them and another symbol instead.
Name of service  Symbols to avoid
EDUROAM (wifi) ! @
Oracle forms @
eVision : |    
Cisco VPN £
Shared drives \ / [ ]





When will the change take effect?

  • Immediately on classroom PCs and services which use single sign-on
  • 30 minute delay for other systems

1. Enter your username (do not include and your current password

2. Set a new password

Your password:

  • MUST have a minimum of 12 characters
  • MUST include at least one number (0 - 9)
  • MUST include at least one non-alphanumeric character (one that is not a letter or a number)
  • Should include a mixture of upper and lower case letters.
3. Submit form