Guest information

Graduation takes place in St Andrews twice a year: in June and in November

For location and date information, see the graduation ceremonies page. Information about parking and getting to St Andrews can be found on the visiting St Andrews pages


Guests should be seated in their allocated seating at least half an hour before the start of the ceremony. Admission is by ticket only. 

The ceremony

Graduation ceremonies open with an introduction by the Vice-Chancellor. This will be followed by laureation addresses for the honorary graduates. Degrees will be conferred by either the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor, ending with a graduation address given by a member of academic staff. Each ceremony can last up to an hour and a half. 

Once all degrees have been conferred, an academic procession – headed up by the key figures in the University and including all new graduates – makes its way through Younger Hall, down North Street and ends in St Salvator's Quad.

Families, friends and guests will have the opportunity to meet the new graduates in St Salvator's Quad at the end of the academic procession.

June graduations

June graduation ceremonies are spread over the course of a week, and the ceremony a student graduates in depends on the degree that they have been studying. Graduation ceremonies usually start at 10.30am for a morning ceremony and 2pm for an afternoon ceremony.

Each day, after the afternoon graduation ceremony has concluded, the University hosts a celebratory garden party for the new graduates and their guests.

November graduations

There are usually up to four graduation ceremonies held in November.

After the afternoon graduation ceremony has concluded, the University hosts two celebratory graduation receptions for the new graduates and their guests


There is University accommodation available for guests to book outwith term time if they are staying St Andrews. For more information, see the holiday accommodation web page