Research centres and institutes

The School of English has links to the following centres and institutes:

Centre for Poetic Innovation

The centre for Poetic Innovation addresses poetry and poetics creatively, critically and historically, promoting and studying poetic innovation in a broad sense of both terms, from poetry as traditionally understood to poetic aspects of visual and material art forms (such as artists’ books), of prose writing (such as the New Nature Writing) as well as interactions with music, dance and digital / electronic poetry.

Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research (ILCR)

The ILCR is the home of outstanding cross-disciplinary research in the fields of law, legal history and constitutionalism at the University.

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St Andrews Institute of Intellectual History (IIH)

The IIH is a hub for everyone interested in intellectual history, for scholars pursuing research projects, for the teaching of intellectual history, and for individuals and groups seeking access to the activities of intellectual historians internationally.

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St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies (SAIMS)

SAIMS brings together over thirty full-time academic staff of international standing and a number of research associates interested in interdisciplinary medieval topics.

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