Coronavirus information and guidance

Changing website content

Content which is uploaded to the University website must be regularly checked and, where relevant, updated. Requests for changing content typically fall into ad hoc or urgent content amends.  

If new content or web pages need to be created, find out more about content creation and adding new pages to the website.  

Removing and deleting content 

Pages should not be deleted or made inactive by content coordinators, even if an equivalent page exists. This is because this is likely to break website links. Contact the digital communications team by emailing if a page is no longer required, and the team will remove the page and amend any links across the wider University website. 

Content coordinators may remove content from a page without deleting the page; however, the content coordinators should consider the user before doing so. It may mean that the page needs to be renamed or moved to a different section of the website. Please contact the digital communications team if you have any questions or concerns.