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Google Analytics policy

Google Analytics is a powerful data analytics tool that tracks and reports website and mobile app traffic. The University of St Andrews uses Google Analytics to understand how users interact with the website in order to evaluate the performance of content and design.

This policy describes the arrangement between the Digital Communications team and any University members of staff in relation to accessing the University’s Google Analytics account.

The intention of this policy is to highlight who can access University accounts and what the rules are for those who have access.

The Digital Communications team retains responsibility for all University accounts, profiles, views and filters within Google Analytics. Digital Communications will always have access to the main Google Analytics account and reserves the right remove anyone's access to Google Analytics at any time.

Accessing Google Analytics data

If you would like information about how your web pages are used, please email In this email, include what data you are interested in, e.g. number of pageviews, location of users, etc. 

Using Google Analytics data

Anyone with access to the University’s Google Analytics data must:

  • not share any data from the University’s Google Analytics account with anyone outwith the University of St Andrews (without permission from Corporate Communications)
  • accurately present data in Google Analytics in a way that is not misleading or false
  • maintain the confidential information of the organisation
  • not create additional accounts, profiles, views or filters without consulting Digital Communications first.

Users must adhere to the rules listed above or their access to data will be revoked.