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Western University


At a glance

Western University University (Western) is situated in London, Ontario, which is around 2 hours drive SW of Toronto. Founded in 1878, Western has grown in reputation and size to become an internationally recognized teaching and research institution. Western has a student population of over 33,000 students and the campus is located just north of the city centre, by the Thames River, within walking distance from the cultural heart of the city.
Established : 1878
Student Population : 33000
History : The city of London (which also has an Oxford Street) is known as the ‘Forest City’ and has a small town feel despite its population of 350,000. London offers a cosmopolitan range of museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, music and sporting events you’d expect from a much larger centre. The enchanting Victorian architecture of the older parts of the city is complemented by a wide range of cafes, shops and a variety of great restaurants.

Website and links

Website : Western University Homepage

Academic information

Who can go

Students on degree programmes in the following subject areas may apply to study abroad during their Junior Honours year at Western University:

Please note the following restrictions when considering the list below: Chemistry - not available on programmes which already contain an External Placement or Year Abroad; History - History, Modern History (Single and Joint Hons), Mediaeval History (Joint Hons only); Management students should note that the University's agreement is with the Faculty of Arts & Sciences only; Psychology - full year only.

  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Classics
  • Comparative Literature
  • Computer Science
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Economics & Finance
  • English
  • French
  • Geography and Sustainable Development
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Management
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Spanish
Semesters Available
  • Full Year
Note: Joint Honours students may only apply for a full year abroad if BOTH subjects are listed above. Joint Honours students applying for one semester must seek permission from both Schools.

Study abroad coordinator

Each School has a designated Study Abroad Coordinator.

Semester dates

Semester dates are as follows

Semester 1 Sep 2019 to Dec 2019
Semester 2 Jan 2020 to Apr 2020
Semester 1 Sep 2020 to Dec 2020
Semester 2 Jan 2021 to Apr 2021

Your studies abroad

St Andrews academic requirements
  • Minimum Credit in Academic year : 4
  • Minimum Credit in Semester : -
  • Maximum Credit in Academic year : 5
  • Maximum Credit in Semester: -
  • Module Weighting : 0.5

Partner Course Catalogue : Course descriptions can be found in the University’s Academic calendar.

Please note that exchange students are not permitted to take classes in the Business School at Western.

Attendance at, and participation in, class is mandatory. There will be continuous assessment in the form of homework, class tests and quizzes.

See our Credits and modules abroad webpage for information on the number of credits we expect students to take at our partner institutions. St Andrews expects students to attend all classes as part of their programme abroad. Assessment methods may vary across partners and could include class participation, continuous assessment in the form of homework and final exams. All courses must be agreed with your Study Abroad Coordinator. See Academic information for further details, as well as information about credit and grade conversion.

Application and selection

Application and selection

This institution is part of the St Andrews Abroad Programme. .

Places available

Places available : 4 full year places

Places available may vary from year to year depending on the exchange balance. Numbers for the following academic year will be confirmed at the information meeting.

Living there

Getting there and getting around

Western does not offer an airport pick up service. From Toronto airport, there are a variety of options for getting to London. One option would be to catch a connecting flight to London airport and then take a taxi to the campus. A less expensive alternative is to use the airport bus service run by Robert Q. There is also a good rail service using VIA Rail which leaves Union Station in Toronto. More information will be within the acceptance package you receive in May.

Western is a campus university and its buildings, a mix of old and new, can be accessed on foot. Some students may also wish to use a bicycle. There is good public transportation available in the city which students can use at student prices. All Western students are required to purchase a bus pass. This student pass is for all regularly scheduled London Transit Commission (LTC) bus routes and is valid for 12 months.


Accommodation at Western is usually available for exchange students provided you complete the housing application by the deadline.

Western offers two styles of residence:
  • The traditional dorm-style, with double rooms and shared common washrooms with the rest of the floor;
  • The suite-style, with single bedroom and shared kitchen, bathroom and sitting-room within the suite.

    You will be sent an email from the Housing office at Western once you have been officially accepted which informs you about the housing application process. The housing application form should be submitted by 28th May. Please be aware that a deposit is required to confirm your residence booking.

    The cost of living can vary depending on whether you live on or off campus.

    There are a number of levels and types of meal plans that you can buy which includes on and off-campus dining, home delivery and late-night snack bars. Further information can be found on the Residence Meal Plan webpage.

    Please note that St Andrews is unable to guarantee housing at any of our partner institutions. Guidance on finding accommodation abroad is available on the Global Office webpage.
  • Student services and orientation

    The Western International Office and the Student Support Services are situated next to each other by the University Community Centre and should be the first stop for incoming exchange students should you encounter any problems. Please see the Student Services webpage for further information.

    Please be aware that student support services will be different across all of our partner universities.

    Finance and insurance

    Living costs

    The exchange to Western University is generously supported by The Canadian Robert T Jones, Jr. Scholarship of $7000 (CAN) which is issued to you in August before you leave for Canada.


    Please note that all international and exchange students studying in Canada are required to purchase the University Health Insurance Plan.

    St Andrews students authorised to study or work abroad as part of their degree programme will be covered by the University’s insurance policy. Please reference to our travel insurance pages for further information.

    Passports and visas

    Please refer to our passports and visas page for further information.

    Student experience

    See profiles and photos of St Andrews students who have studied abroad.