Dr Nnamdi Ekwe-Ekwe

Dr Nnamdi Ekwe-Ekwe


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I am a Lecturer at the School of Computer Science. I obtained my Masters in Advanced Computer Science in 2017 and then my PhD in Computer Science (awarded 2023) here at St Andrews. My research interests lie in distributed systems as a whole, with a particular focus on edge/cloud computing. In this field, I am very interested in scheduling across edge/cloud computing, a current focus of research interest that poses a number of interesting problems. I am also very interested in data driven research, analysing/gleaning insights from a number of fields using real-world public data.

I am interested in collaborating with both public and private sector organisations particularly in the area of data driven research, to find practical solutions to present problems affecting these sectors.


I currently teach:

Semester 1:

IS5103: Web Technologies

Semester 2:

CS5052 - Data Intensive Systems

I have also supervised a number of research projects at both Undergraduate and Masters levels.

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