I have found that some readers open AKWN directly through this page of "Latest News", not through the usual index main page (you can get it just by clicking on the big red letters "AKROPOLIS" in the logotype). I just wanted to say that, if I should be away for some days or I wish to communicate any incidence affecting AKWN (as the content of next news about to be published, for instance), I use to put it on the index main page, so it would be convenient to open AKWN through that page.


Antonis Samaras, new president of Greece / Mohamed Morsi wins elections / Syria shoots down Turkish airplane
         (24/06/12. j. coderch)

Who will win tomorrow in Greece? / Last member of Supreme Truth, arrested / France to help Syrian rebels
         (16/06/12. j. coderch)

British citizen comes back from coma after hearing girlfriend's voice / Japanese pier arrives at USA
         (09/06/12. j. coderch)

Mubarak, sentenced for life / China arrests 600 people in Tibet
         (03/06/12. j. coderch)

Fight in parliament in Ukraine / Assad goes on mocking at UN / Pope's steward, arrested
         (27/05/12. j. coderch)