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More about the Scholarship

The R&A Ransome Scholarships are available to graduate students entering a one-year taught postgraduate course (MLitt, MRes, MSc). Other postgraduate courses are not eligible for this scholarship.

The Ransome Scholarships provides scholarship support for:

  • full tuition fees for the year of study
  • accommodation fees to cover residential university costs, and comparable fees to contribute towards private residential costs
  • a fixed book allowance
  • a fixed travel allowance, determined by area of residence in the United States

The support provided is paid to the scholarship recipients in two instalments at the start of each semester. Postgraduates will receive funding to cover either a 37 or 50 week contract. The funding levels are reviewed annually.

The Scholarship is open to North American students who have been offered a place at the University of St Andrews, and is subject to satisfactory progress for the duration of the course of study.

The Selection Committee seeks applicants who are academically qualified, well-rounded students who have demonstrated leadership skills.

Scholarship Brochure (currently under review)

How to apply

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