Reference tables for English language test profiles

The University's English language test profiles are based on the information shown on this page.

For more details on English language requirements for your degree or programme, see the pre-degree, undergraduate, or postgraduate English language requirements pages.


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Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) benchmarking for English language tests

CEFR Cambridge IELTS LanguageCert International ESOL PSI Skills for English PTE Academic TOEFL IBT Trinity ISE Pre-sessional/AEQC
C1+ 200 8.0 High Pass (C1 Test) 4SC2 79 110 Distinction (Level III Test) Not applicable
C1 191 7.5 High Pass (C1 Test) 4SC2 76 102 Merit (Level III Test) 17
C1- 185 7.0 Pass (C1 Test) 4SC1 70 94 Pass (Level III Test) 14
B2+ 176 6.5 High Pass (B2 Test) 4SC1 64 79 Distinction (Level II Test) 11
B2 169 6.0 High Pass (B2 Test) 4SC1 59 60 Merit (Level II Test) 7
B2- 162 5.5 Pass (B2 Test) 4SB2 50 46 Pass (Level II Test) 4
B1+ 154 5.0 Not applicable 4SB2 43 35 Not applicable Not applicable

The component score scale is different for TOEFL IBT. Please see individual English language test profiles for details of acceptable scores.

CEFR levels for each English language test profile

Profile Listening Reading Writing Speaking Overall score
1-D C1+  C1+  C1+  C1+  C1+ 
2-M C1-  C1-   C1-   C1-   C1-  
3-D or 3-S B2+  B2+   B2+   B2+   C1- 
4-D or 4-S B2  B2   C1-  B2  C1- 
5-D or 5-S B2  B2  B2  B2  C1-
6-D or 6-S B2  B2  B2+  B2  B2+
7-D or 7-S B2  B2   B2   B2   B2+ 
8-S B2-  B2-  B2+  B2-  B2+ 
9-S B2-  B2-  B2-  B2-  B2+ 
10-S B2-  B2-  B2  B2-  B2 
11-S B2-  B2-   B2-   B2-   B2 
12-S B1+  B1+  B2  B1+  B2 
13-S B1+  B1+  B1+  B1+  B2 
14-S B1+  B1+  B2-  B1+  B2- 
15-S B1+  B1+  B1+  B1+  B2-