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Information for teachers

Knowing what makes a good application to different universities can be challenging when you are pressed for time - we are here to help. Here, you will find information on what makes a good application to St Andrews as well as information on our supported pathway programmes and key scholarships. An application that demonstrates their passion for their subject and demonstrates their potential is key for St Andrews, and we are happy to provide teachers support so you can best advise your students.

You can ask us questions using the live chat in the bottom right of your screen when our team are in the office (9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday) or send them to and someone will get back to you.


Entry requirements

While we look at all the information in an application to St Andrews, the entry requirements are an important part. So long as applicants meet the entry requirements, we will read the application and give it equal consideration.

Our entry requirements are set at different levels so we can take into account the context an applicant achieved them in. You can find out which requirements your students will need to meet using our qualifications indicator. You can also find out more about how we assess which requirements they need in academic qualifications explained.

St Andrews has three levels of entry requirements:

  • Standard entry grades: 
    Unless your students is a widening access student, they will need these grades to be considered.
  • Minimum entry grades: 
    If your student is considered a widening access student, they will need these grades to be considered.
  • Gateway entry grades: 
    If your student is a widening access student, they may also be eligible for a gateway programme and will need this category of grades to be considered.

Encourage your students to to read the specific entry requirements for the subject they are applying to.

Each subject will list the standard, minimum and Gateway entry requirements for Highers, A-Levels and IB. If your students is studying a different qualification, here is more information on our Scottish entry requirements.

Gateway programmes

We have Gateway programmes which are specifically designed to offer additional support and guidance for students.

The purpose of these programmes is to promote the uptake of higher education among those groups that are traditionally under-represented at university. All programmes provide supported entry into degree-level programmes at St Andrews. Students will study subjects in the faculty they apply to in their first two years before moving into year three of a full degree programme.

Use the qualifications indicator to see if you are eligible to apply to our Gateway programmes.

The personal statement

To help your students with writing their personal statement, we have included information and advice for this on the students webpage. 

There is also a short video with some hints and tips. 


Lots of students are eligible for additional funding to help them make the most of their time at university. St Andrews offers a range of scholarships, usually based on financial need or academic excellence. Unlike a loan from SAAS, awardees are not required to pay scholarships back.

Some notable bursaries and scholarships on offer:

  • St Andrews Entrant Bursaries: £1,500 per annum to all UK domiciled applicants with a household income of £34,000 or less.
  • Accommodation Award: £1,500 per annum for the duration of study for applicants with a household income of £40,000 or less.
  • St Andrews General Wardlaw Scholarship: there are a number of different Wardlaw scholarships available with the value ranging from £1,000 to £4,000 per annum, and most are for the duration of a student’s course.

Applying for scholarships

Your students can apply for scholarships after they have applied for their main degree through the 'My application' portal. They will be sent an email with information on how to access 'My application' where they will find the 'My Scholarships and Funding' section.

Learn more about funding your studies.

Have questions?

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If our team are not available, you can send your question to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some questions are best answered by our students - send yours to, and one of our students will get in touch.