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Catered standard accommodation offers you the opportunity to live in a single or shared bedroom in one of our halls situated throughout St Andrews. You will be provided with 19 meals a week and will share a bathroom with a small number of other residents.

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Catered halls with standard rooms

These halls are generally older and more traditional buildings. Most of the catered standard halls are located close to the centre of town, but University Hall and Andrew Melville Hall are situated near the Sports Centre and is a short walk from the various science buildings on the North Haugh.

Rooms in standard catered halls can vary in size and shape due to the age and history of the buildings.

FOR ENTRANT STUDENTS, the majority of catered standard rooms are shared with another student. Find out about shared rooms at St Andrews.

When can I move in?

Contracts begin on Saturday 7 September 2024.  We are currently planning for student arrivals in to our accommodation for the 2024-25 academic year and will update this page when this is finalised.

  • Students will be asked to book a date and time slot which can be accessed via the pre-arrival section of the application form once an offer is accepted. There are limited numbers for each date and time slot, please ensure you select this as soon as this is active.
  • If you have accepted a catered contract, catering will be provided from Saturday 7 September 2024.

Arriving at St Andrews


Each catered hall of residence has a dining room and a dedicated catering team. Students are only able to eat in their own hall. You will also have access to a small communal kitchen to prepare light meals and snacks.

All standard catered halls provide 19 meals per week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every weekday, with breakfast and lunch served on the weekend.


In standard bedrooms, you will have a single-size bed (approximately 3 foot wide) along with the following pieces of furniture:

  • desk and chair
  • desk lamp and bulb
  • bookcase
  • bed, mattress and mattress protector
  • wardrobe and drawer unit
  • waste bin and paper bin.


All catered halls include a range of facilities which ensures that students have everything they need to live independently in St Andrews.

Students will find that there is at least one laundry room in each catered hall, with washers and dryers which are card operated.

There are a range of options for studying in each hall, including computer rooms, libraries or specific study rooms.

There are also a number of social spaces including common rooms, TV rooms and communal chill-out areas.


Housekeeping arrangements in traditional halls will change from September 2024, staff will clean shared bathrooms and kitchens (unless they are part of a flat) as well as corridors and other public areas.  Bedrooms will not be cleaned and students will be responsible for disposing of rubbish and recycling.  In line with ensuite accommodation, monthly cleanliness and safety checks will be carried out.

Fees and contracts

The standard contract length for a single room in a catered hall is 34 weeks (September to May). Students living in a catered hall are not able to stay in their accommodation over the Christmas vacation, but the halls will be fully open and catered during the short spring vacation.

You can find out more about fees for different types of residences on the accommodation fees page.

Catered standard fees 2024-2025

  • Single room: £8,882 (Accommodation £5,799, Catering £3,083)
  • Shared room: £8,083(Accommodation £5,000, Catering £3,083)

Andrew Melville Hall 2024-2025

  • Single room: £7,818 (Accommodation £4,735, Catering £3,083)
  • Shared room: £7,064 (Accommodation £3,981, Catering £3,083)


All University halls of residence have their own wardennial team who live within the hall and are trained to support students in a range of matters – from advice on academic matters through to first aid. New students will meet their warden and team of assistant wardens during their moving in weekend.

Wardens and support


Student Accommodation Services
Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 2510

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