Accommodation for couples and families

There is a variety of accommodation if you are coming to St Andrews with your partner or family. Options may be University-owned, University-managed, or in the private sector.

The University has a small selection of accommodation in halls of residences for couples. Students with families can either apply for University-managed properties or rent private accommodation.

One of the attractions of St Andrews is that it is a small town, but that means there is a limit to the amount of accommodation available. You should apply for accommodation as soon as you accept an offer to study at the University of St Andrews.

How to apply

To apply for accommodation through the University complete the online form and register and complete your application through the online system.

Entrant undergraduates are not guaranteed an offer of couple or family accommodation. Priority is given to applicants not already based in the St Andrews area and who are not in a position to look for alternative private sector accommodation.