Terms and conditions of occupancy


This licence agreement is a legally binding contract and it is important that you read it carefully; variations to the Terms and Conditions set out in this contract are only permitted with the prior written consent of Student Accommodation Services.

Licence Agreement between

1. The University of St Andrews, having its central accommodation office at Residential and Business Services, Student Accommodation Services, Walter Bower House, Eden Campus, Main Street, Guardbridge, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16 0US, a registered Scottish Charity (Charity Number SC013532) (‘the University’).


2. the Student described in the Offer of Accommodation who is undertaking a course of study at the University and hereby referred to as ‘You’.


The University has made an Offer of Accommodation to You which You have accepted.


The University hereby lets the Premises to You, for the Period of Licence, and at the Rent set out in the Offer of Accommodation, on the following terms and conditions (the ‘Contract’).

Definitions and Interpretation

  • ‘the Offer of Accommodation’ is the Offer of Accommodation made by the University to You and Your acceptance of it.
  • ‘the Period of Licence’ is the period during which You are to occupy the Premises as detailed in the Offer of Accommodation.
  • ‘the Premises’ is the single or twin occupation room, as appropriate and as offered to You in the terms of the Offer of Accommodation, forming part of the Residence described in the Offer of Accommodation (‘the Residence’) together with the right to access and make use of, where appropriate and so far as necessary, the communal areas and kitchens, passageways, internal stairs, lounges, common passageways, stairwells or annexes all within or around the Residence.
  • ‘the Rent’ is the Residence fees due by You as detailed in the Offer of Accommodation.

1 Definition of Contract

1.1 The University shall be entitled but not obliged in each case without requiring any consent from You to outsource, delegate or sub-contract any of its rights and obligations in terms of this Licence Agreement to any third party. Such third party will be referred to as the ‘Manager’ and any such right or obligation so affected referred to as ‘an Outsourced Matter’.

Accordingly, any reference to the University or University office, official, agent or employee in relation to any Outsourced Matter at the option of the University shall include reference to the Manager and any officer, official, agent or employee of the Manager.

1.2 You hereby agree to reside in the Premises in accordance with:

1.2.1. this Licence;
1.2.2. the University’s Sponsio Academica, Honour Code, Code of Student Conduct, Student Conduct Risk Management Policy, and Non-Academic Misconduct Policy;
1.2.3. any other rules – including those specific to Your accommodation detailed and drawn to Your attention by the University at the Premises, together the ‘Rules’. Behaviour which contravenes any of these Rules may affect any future application made by You to reside in the University’s Accommodation and the University reserves the right to require You to relocate immediately to alternative accommodation should Your behaviour at any time during the Period of Licence constitute a contravention.

2 Arrival

2.1 Unless otherwise stated, this Offer of Accommodation is for the Contract period specified. Your accommodation is usually available to access from 10am on the day the Contract starts unless otherwise specified within University correspondence (see the once you arrive guide in our Orientation webpages).

2.2 If You require accommodation before the start date of Your Contract, You should contact Student Accommodation Services at the earliest opportunity. Accommodation outside of the standard Contract dates is subject to availability and additional Rental charges (see Staying in University accommodation during vacations).

3 Inventory

3.1 You will be provided with bedroom and communal area Inventory forms upon Your arrival at the Residence. You should check the Inventory for furnishings, fittings and equipment for Your room and the communal areas of the Residence or flat as appropriate, sign it and return it to the Residential Services Manager or Property Manager within 48 hours of Your arrival.

3.2 If the Residence Management Team fails to provide an Inventory, it is Your responsibility to request one. You should check the Inventory carefully and record any damage, missing items or repair requests. You should sign and return a copy of the Inventory to the Residential Services Manager or Property Manager within 48 hours of Your arrival. If an Inventory is not completed and signed within 48 hours, the University will assume that everything is in good order and that the contents are complete and undamaged. Any subsequent loss or damage to the Residence during the term of the Contract is likely to incur a charge for which You will be responsible.

4 Offer and Period of Licence

4.1 The Offer of Accommodation and the Rent quoted remain valid for ten days from the date the Contract is sent to You, after which time the Offer of Accommodation will lapse. If You have not accepted it, the University has the right to change the terms and conditions of any subsequent Offer of Accommodation made to you.

4.2 Subject to clause 9 below, the Period of Licence is for a fixed period and You will continue to be liable for the Rent, and any catering costs if applicable during the entire Period of Licence.

If You have not matriculated nor moved into Your accommodation before the end of week five of Your accommodation Contract You will only be liable for accommodation fees up to the date we receive faculty confirmation that You are leaving.

5 Cancellation

5.1 The University will accept cancellation made in writing to Student Accommodation Services on the following ‘cancellation’ conditions:

5.2 Living in University Accommodation

If You accepted the Offer of Accommodation and choose to leave the accommodation before the end of the Contract, and You are still a registered student, You will be liable for the Rent during the entire Period of Licence, including catering costs, if applicable.

5.3 Studying Outside St Andrews

If the University requires You to study away from St Andrews as part of Your course, or where circumstances require the University to remove students to comply with Government restrictions or other force majeure events, You may terminate Your Contract providing You give a minimum of four weeks’ notice in writing and Student Accommodation Services receive Faculty confirmation of Your absence for academic reasons.

5.4 Global Merit Award

The Offer of Accommodation is subject to You meeting the conditions of study for The Global Merit Award on or by 31 July in the year of entry. If such conditions of study have not been met on or by 31 July in the year of study then the Contract for the Premises will automatically terminate.

6 Room Changes

6.1 An Offer of Accommodation is subject to change and the University reserves the right to move students to suitable alternative accommodation after an Offer of Accommodation has been made (including during the Period of Licence), which may involve moving to a different Residence. If You remain in sole occupancy of a shared room, You will be liable for the single room rate for a) the duration or remainder of the Period of Licence or b) until allocation of the second place to another student which shall be at the discretion of Student Accommodation Services. If You, in sole occupancy of the shared room, are unable to pay the single room rate, You may be required to move into another shared room.

7 Payment

7.1 If You fail to pay the Rent in accordance with the agreed payment schedule set out in the Offer of Accommodation, You do not have permission to re-enter University owned or managed accommodation while the debt is outstanding; You must agree to an acceptable repayment schedule with the University’s Finance Department prior to applying to re-enter University accommodation. A late fee is chargeable if You default on an agreed payment schedule. Details about payment options for Residence fees are available on the How are you paying page.

7.2 Please note that any student with an outstanding debt to the University may not be permitted to graduate. This includes, but is not limited to, sponsor’s debts (which will be transferred to Your account), tuition fees, residential and telephone charges, and library fines.

7.3 Hall Subscriptions

Hall Subscriptions, where applicable, are collected within Residence fees, then issued to Your hall committee in Semester 1. Once allocated to the committee, all hall subscriptions are non-refundable.

8 Code of Conduct

8.1 You are required to familiarise Yourself with and comply with the University’s regulations and codes of practice, particularly the Sponsio Academica, Honour Code, Code of Student Conduct, Student Conduct Risk Management Policy, Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, and University’s Residence Guide (or any amendments to these from time to time) as they apply to student Residences and You should note the consequences if You breach any of these codes of conduct, regulations, or health and safety requirements. You are personally responsible at all times for the conduct of Your visitors and guests on any part of the University’s estate.

8.2 Infringement of these terms and conditions, or of the University’s regulations and codes of practice, may lead to disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Premises and permanent exclusion from University accommodation.

8.3 The Director of Residential and Business Services, Residential Services Managers, Wardennial Team (University Staff) or their delegates are empowered to (i) take disciplinary action against You should You behave in any way prejudicial to the good order and smooth running of the Residence in which You reside and (ii) implement any risk mitigation measures or conduct outcomes identified under the University’s regulations and codes of practice, particularly the Student Conduct Risk Management Policy and the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy (or any amendments to the Policies that comes into effect during the Period of Licence). This may include the University requiring You to move to alternative University accommodation (whether in a hall of Residence or private accommodation managed or operated by the University) or temporary exclusion from University accommodation. 

8.4 The Student Conduct Risk Management Policy and the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, or any amendments to the Policies that come into effect from time to time, will be used to deal with all other disciplinary matters.

9 Removal from University Accommodation

9.1 This Licence shall not be terminated by either party prior to the expiry of the Period of Licence or for any other reason, except insofar as any of the following events occur, in which case this Licence shall terminate on the date falling five days (or such other period as may be determined by the University) after You are notified that You are required to leave the Premises:

9.1.1 You are taking a leave of absence from Your studies;

9.1.2 You have had Your studies terminated or suspended;

9.1.3 You have been placed on a compulsory or mandatory Leave of Absence;

9.1.4 You withdraw from the University;

9.1.5 You have not matriculated by any deadline specified by the University;

9.1.6 You have not moved into the Premises within five weeks of the start date of this Licence;

9.1.7 in cases where alleged non-academic misconduct is referred for risk assessment under the Student Conduct Risk Management Policy, the University has put in place risk mitigation measures including removal from the Premises or other University accommodation;

9.1.8 non-payment of the Rent or any amount due by You after the due date for payment (whether demanded or not), but subject to any agreement You have reached with the University for payment;

9.1.9 You breach or do not perform any of the obligations, conditions and undertaking set out in this Licence; or

9.1.10 should You behave in any way prejudicial to the good order and smooth running of the Residence in which You reside.

9.2 Removal and termination of this Licence shall be without prejudice to any additional right of action or remedy of the University and the University shall not be liable to pay any compensation to You.

9.3 In event of removal and this Licence being terminated in accordance with this clause, You shall remain liable for all Rent and other payments (including catering fees if on a catered contract) up until the end of the Semester in which You leave.

9.4 Following notification that You must vacate the Premises You are required to contact Student Accommodation Services at accommodation@st-andrews.ac.uk immediately using Your University email address regarding logistical arrangements following termination of this Licence.

9.5 Where  the University judges that Your continued presence may have a detrimental effect on an individual or individuals within any Residence or on the community or staff as a whole prior to removal and termination of this Licence then the University reserves the right to move You to suitable alternative accommodation until such date of termination.

9.6 Removal from one University Residence may bar You from accommodation in any other University Residence for the duration or remainder of the session or longer if so specified by the University.

10 Your Conduct

You must ensure that You (or Your guests or visitors) do not:

10.1.1 Bring illegal drugs into Your Residence or misuse drugs in any part of the University’s Premises or property;

10.1.2 Cause other occupants of University Residences or any other person any injury, disturbance, disruption, distress, annoyance, nuisance, harassment, inconvenience or damage to their property;

10.1.3 Act in a manner which could endanger the wellbeing of members of the University or the good order of the Residence or other University Premises, or which is likely to bring the University into disrepute, or which constitutes a misuse of staff time. This includes (without limitation), for example, damaging fittings or furniture, anti-social behaviour, unacceptable behaviour resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, and requiring staff assistance due to intoxication. The University strongly condemns both excessive consumption of alcohol and all illegal actions involving alcohol, which may endanger the user and others. Any antisocial behaviour and actions adversely affecting others resulting from such consumption, or where such consumption is considered an aggravating factor, will result in disciplinary action by the University, in addition to any legal consequences;

10.1.4 Cause any excessive or unnecessary noise in the Residence;

10.1.5 Permit others to occupy Your accommodation without the permission of the University;

10.1.6 Bring firearms or any other dangerous or offensive weapons (including, without limitation, any replica firearms or weapons or parts of a weapon or firearm) onto any part of the University’s owned or managed Premises or property;

10.1.7 Hold social functions or parties on the Premises without the prior written consent of a member of the Wardennial team and Residential Services Management team;

10.1.8 Hang banners, flags, or similar materials in windows or on the outside of the Residence.

10.2 If You have chosen to accept alcohol-free accommodation, You have agreed not to drink alcohol in the apartment. If You do, You will receive a first and final written warning. If You drink alcohol for a second time You will be moved to another Residence at the University’s discretion. You will be held responsible for Your guests or visitors complying with these conditions while they are in Your apartment. 

10.3 The University reserves the right for any University staff to confiscate any item which they believe may be prejudicial to good order and the safety of other residents or to fine You or require You to make good the cost in whole or part of any damage caused. This is without prejudice to any other rights or sanctions that the University has in respect of Your conduct.

11 Your Study Bedroom

You must ensure that You (and, where applicable, Your guests or visitors):

11.1 Do not use the accommodation for any other purpose than living and studying. Students should not set up or operate a business from their University accommodation, unless for the purposes of fundraising opportunities for good causes, which is normally permitted with the prior agreement of Residential and Business Services. Students who wish to explore non-charitable consultancy opportunities under University auspices can find information in the Consultancy Policy;

11.2 Do not change or damage the decorative finish of the bedroom or any other part of the Residence;

11.3 Do not damage University furniture or remove University furniture from the Residence or any room in the University’s Residence. All furniture must be in its original position at the end of the Contract. You will be liable for any damage to furniture or decoration arising from unauthorised rearrangement of fixtures, fittings and furniture, or from wall fixings, posters or any other items which You have affixed to the walls;

11.4 Where damage occurs in an individual bedroom that is not commensurate with fair wear and tear, You, as the occupant of that room, will be liable for the damage. You should expect charges for repair or replacement. You are responsible for the behaviour of Your guests while they are in the Residence and for any damage that they may cause;

11.5 You must keep Your room keys or keycard with You at all times. A charge may be administered if You are locked out, or if keys are lost or mislaid.

12  Common Parts and Shared Facilities

You must ensure that You (and, where applicable, Your guests or visitors):

12.1 Jointly with the other occupants, keep any shared facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom, common or other room and adjoining corridors and stairwells allocated to You under this Contract clean and tidy at all times and not permit rubbish or litter to accumulate therein;

12.2 Do not allow any shared facilities (including, without limitation, any cooking utensils contained therein) to become so unclean and unhygienic that, in the reasonable opinion of University staff, they constitute a risk to the health of Yourself or others. Please note, in the event You fail to comply with any notice informing You of Your breach of this clause, You acknowledge and agree that any member of University staff or any person authorised by the University shall have the right to remove and dispose of any items in breach of this clause;

12.3 You, together with the other occupants in each house, flat or apartment, will share the cost of any cleaning or damage which occurs during Your Contract and the cost of replacing Inventory items that are missing or damaged at the end of the Contract.

13 Our Obligations

13.1 The University will provide the facilities and services set out in this Contract, however, the University will not be liable for any failure or interruption to any facilities and services or for any loss arising from such failure or interruption caused by Your actions or the actions of any other student, or by any circumstances beyond the University’s reasonable control.

13.2 When You pay Your accommodation fees, the University will ensure that You become a beneficiary of the University of St Andrews Halls of Residence Block Insurance Policy. This provides You with basic insurance cover for Your possessions and, in certain circumstances (and to a set limit), Your bedroom. Information leaflets giving details of the cover will be provided by the insurance company to the Residence and You are responsible for familiarising Yourself with the extent of the cover. You will be responsible for making any claims but, prior to making any claims, You must contact Student Accommodation Services.

14 Damages

14.1 You are responsible for any damage to Your bedroom, its furnishing and fittings and You must report all damage and losses to the Residential Services Manager within 24 hours of becoming aware of the damage or loss. You must not cause to be made or deliberately make any alterations to the Premises or parts thereof; this includes, without limitation, the installation of TV aerials and satellite dishes.

14.2 You will be liable to the University for all damage or losses suffered due to breach of the terms of this Contract. This includes (but is not limited to) any damage to any part of the Premises or its contents caused by You or Your guests’ wilful acts, omissions or negligence; or any expense properly incurred in collecting arrears, paying professional advisors and in relation to court proceedings. Such charges may include the cost of repair or replacement of University property (at the sole discretion of the University) or any additional cleaning costs. The University will be entitled to replace University property, damaged by You, if replacement costs are less than repair costs.

14.3 Each student is jointly and severally liable for any damage caused within the shared areas of the Residence. At its sole discretion, the University will determine the cost of such damage and agrees to act reasonably at all times. The person who has caused the damage will pay the cost of the damage in the first instance. In the event that it cannot be ascertained who has caused the damage, each occupant will be jointly and severally liable for the cost of repair of the damage, including replacements where necessary.

14.4 Please note that an Inventory of the University’s fittings, furniture and furnishings in student bedrooms will be provided to You on arrival and must be completed and signed (please see clause 3).

15 Sports Equipment

15.1 Certain sports equipment may also constitute an offensive weapon, including and without limitation, archery equipment, fencing foils and ice axes. Prior permission must be obtained before You are allowed to bring such equipment into the Premises. If You wish to bring such items into a Residence, You should contact Student Accommodation Services in the first instance. Confirmation will also be required from Saints Sport that You are a bona fide user of this equipment as part of an official University club. If in doubt whether any item constitutes an offensive weapon, You should consult with the Wardennial Team or Residential Services Manager who, if necessary, will seek the advice of an appropriately qualified person.

16 Health and Safety

You must not:

16.1 Allow Your health or behaviour, in the reasonable opinion of the University, to constitute a serious risk to You or others, or the University’s or other people’s property. Please note that You will need to register with a local doctor (General Practitioner) immediately on arrival at the Residence in order to receive treatment from a GP;

16.2 Bring pets or any living animals (except for guide dogs and hearing dogs) onto or keep at any of the University’s Residences;

16.3 Bring Your own furniture, curtains, soft fabric lampshades, floor standing lamps or halogen lamps into Your bedroom or the Residence since all furnishings must comply with relevant safety legislation;

16.4 Cause any obstruction of any shared facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom, communal or other rooms allocated to You under this Contract and those parts of the University’s Residence which are necessary for the purpose of gaining access to Your bedroom;

16.5 Put anything harmful or which is likely to cause blockage in any pipes or drains;

16.6 Throw or drop anything whatsoever from windows or balconies of any University Residence;

16.7 Allow anyone into the Residence unless You are satisfied that the person is a resident, a guest of a resident, or is there with the University’s authority.

You must:

16.8 Have regard to the safety and security of the Premises and You must ensure that You (and, where applicable, Your guests or visitors):

16.9 Keep Your room or flat clean and tidy at all times and hand it over to the University upon early termination or expiry of this Contract in a tidy, clean and good condition;

16.10 Make Your room available to the University as required for cleaning or maintenance as specified by the Residential Services Manager;

16.11 Immediately report to the Residential Services Management team or Property Manager any faults or repairs required to the Premises or to the fittings and furniture in accordance with the terms of clause 3. 

16.12 Report the loss of any key or electronic device provided to You by the University to the Residential Services Manager or Wardennial Team immediately. Please note, You shall be responsible for the reasonable costs of replacing any key or electronic device;

16.13 Keep Your bedroom door and window locked when You are not in the room;

16.14 Where applicable, when entering and leaving the Residence ensure that the main entrance door is shut and locked behind You;

16.15 Allow the University upon reasonable notice and at reasonable times (save in case of emergency when no notice is needed) to enter the accommodation to clean and undertake inspections or repairs or for any other reasonable purpose;

16.16 Show proof of Your occupation of the Residence, such as Your student identification card, to any member of University staff if they request You to do so.

Water Safety

16.17 If there is a water outlet such as a sink, shower or toilet in Your room, You must run the taps (hot and cold) for at least five minutes every seven days, and You must flush the toilet at least every seven days. For accommodation with kitchens You must run the taps (hot and cold) for at least five minutes every seven days.

17 Fire and Electrical Safety

17.1 The University takes no responsibility for damages or injuries caused by personal electrical equipment within the Residence. You are wholly responsible for the use and consequences of misuse of any electrical equipment You bring into the Residence. Where informed by You, the University will certificate all items of electrical equipment brought into the Residence by You at the start of semester. Any items brought into the Residence after this period will need to be tested and certified at Your own expense. Your Residential Services Manager can provide advice on electrical safety.

17.2 Do not bring into the Residence any electrical kitchen or cooking equipment from outside the United Kingdom as it may not be compatible with the voltage system and will fail the electricity safety certification; this includes adaptors and power leads. You can bring computers or mobile devices (such as laptops, phones, tablets, iPads) but they must pass the University electrical equipment certification and only be used with a United Kingdom power cable that is purchased in the United Kingdom.

17.3 Do not abuse the fire alarm or associated safety systems and equipment; do not cover smoke detectors.

17.4 Comply with all compulsory fire training arranged for the Residence at the start of the academic year.

17.5 Only use fire exits in an emergency and keep fire routes clear of obstructions at all times.

17.6 Do not use candles, naked flames, decorative rope lights (except battery operated or LED lights) or joss sticks, or do anything else that may constitute a fire hazard.

17.7 Please note, if You are found to be responsible for improperly activating a fire alarm, the University is obliged to report the incident to the Police. Under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, any person who knowingly gives, or causes to be given, a false alarm of fire to the Fire Brigade may be liable on summary conviction to a fine or imprisonment or both.

17.8 High-powered electrical equipment, irons and cooking apparatus of any kind (including, without limitation, rice cookers and kettles) must not be used in bedrooms. All cooking equipment must be stored in the kitchen or pantry, subject to space.

17.9 Small-scale electrical equipment purchased in the UK can be used in kitchens (see the current list of permitted items for catered and self-catered accommodation). All such equipment is subject to electrical safety compliance and certification through a suitable Portable Appliance Test (PAT). Due to limited storage in the kitchens and pantries, we advise that purchases should be made after arrival.

17.10 Additional electric rings, mini induction or other hobs, fridges, freezers and microwaves (other than those provided by the University), deep fat fryers, electric blankets or any electrical equipment brought from outside the UK is not permitted anywhere in the Residence. (For a full list see the link in 17.9.)

17.11 Do not interfere with electrical wiring or equipment, nor overload any electrical circuits by the use of too many electrical appliances. Personal electrical equipment used – including connecting leads and power leads – must be UK compliant, serviceable and in a good condition. Do not cover chargers and power adapters.

17.12 Plugs are to be wired in the correct manner, and fused according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Plugs and adapters from outside the UK must not be used. You should use a separate plug for each piece of equipment. If additional sockets are required, You should use a multi-way distribution board with a 13-amp shuttered outlet, which must be purchased in the UK. Such items should stand alone and not be connected to other distribution boards. All UK adapters must be fused. Cube adapters are not permitted.

17.13 The Warden or Residential Services Manager has the right to refuse the use of (and, if necessary, remove from the bedroom and or Residence) any piece of electrical equipment within the Residence if they judge it to breach Health and Safety Regulations or be prejudicial to the good order and safety of other residents.

17.14 The following items are strictly prohibited within the Residences: fireworks, electric heaters, paraffin heaters, halogen heaters, and gas heaters.

18 Non-Smoking Policy in Residences

18.1 There is a strict non-smoking policy operating throughout the Residence system. You must not smoke, or allow any guest or visitor to smoke, in any part of the Residence, including covered areas at entrances. Where there is sufficient evidence to suggest that smoking has taken place, or if You or Your guests are caught smoking, You will be subject to disciplinary procedures. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.

19 Guests

19.1 Occupants of shared rooms may entertain guests only by mutual agreement with their roommate(s). Notification to the Residential Services Manager, Porter or completion of the ‘Guest sign-in book’ must occur for all overnight guests. In the event of a fire, all students in the Residence have to be accounted for. You are responsible for any costs incurred by Your guests, for example, camp bed hire and meals.

19.2 You may have a temporary guest for a maximum of three days in any week and no more than twice in any four-week period, providing the other occupants agree. If the same person stays for a longer period or on a recurring basis, this is considered a permanent arrangement, which is in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy for the accommodation and may result in disciplinary action. If there are vacant rooms that are not required for matriculated students, such rooms may be hired by You for a guest (charge payable to the Residential Services Manager), however, it is not possible to book vacant rooms more than three days in advance. The University accepts no liability for guests or their possession and You are responsible for the behaviour and action of Your guests.

19.3 Any member of University staff and any person authorised by the University shall have the right to refuse admission to any guests or visitors. In the interests of all residents, the University has the right to refuse admission to any unaccompanied guests.

20 Prohibition on Sub-Letting or Assigning Rooms

20.1 You must not, at any time, sublet, share or part with possession of Your accommodation or any other part of the Residence. Your rights in the accommodation are not transferable to anyone else.

21 Security

21.1 The opening hours of each Residence are set by the Residential Services Manager or Warden and at other times when security personnel or porters are on duty or other security arrangements operate. You and the other students of the Residence are expected to accept responsibility for security within the Residence and within the grounds of the Residence and You are responsible for the behaviour of Your guests.

22 Privacy of Residents

22.1 Your privacy will be respected at all times and whenever practicable. Twenty-four hours’ notice will be given of any visit other than by the Residential Services Manager, Warden, Director of Residential and Business Services, their deputies, duty personnel or housekeeping. The University reserves the right of entry at any reasonable time by authorised personnel in the course of their duties.

22.2 In self-catering accommodation, to ensure that all flats, houses and apartments are in good order, there will be a monthly check of each apartment (including bedrooms) by the Housekeeping Supervisor or Manager. The Residential Services Manager will provide advance notification of when this inspection will take place. If the flat, house or apartment falls below the standards required, You and the other occupants will be given a specified time to rectify the areas highlighted. If on a re-check the areas have not been rectified the Residence Management Team will carry out the necessary measures and invoice the cost of this to the occupants (see clause 12.2).

22.3 An annual Health and Safety inspection is conducted in all properties and, due to its nature, no advance notice other than this will be given.

23 Loss and Damage to Property

23.1 The University Authorities accept no responsibility whatsoever for the loss of or damage to any motor vehicles of whatever description or to bicycles parked on property belonging to the University.

24 When You Leave

24.1 When You leave the accommodation upon termination or expiry of this Contract in any way, You must leave all items belonging to the University (specified in the Inventory) and immediately remove all personal belongings from the accommodation. In addition, You must leave the accommodation in a good state and condition and return all keys and electronic access devices to the Residence Management Team. The University may review access control logs to verify departure dates. The University will charge students the reasonable cost of replacing any key or electronic device not returned and the reasonable cost of making good any damage to or replacing any items specified in the Inventory, including damage to walls or paintwork caused by fixings or posters (please see clause 3). In addition, the University reserves the right to charge You for any losses arising from lost accommodation charges resulting from the failure to return keys or electronic key cards.

24.2 Any furniture, belongings and personal effects left in the accommodation when You vacate will be considered as rubbish and disposed of. The University will clear all items immediately on Your vacation, whether this is at the end of the Contract, or prior to the scheduled end of the Contract. All items will be disposed of as the University considers appropriate and the University will not be responsible for any loss arising from such disposal. You will be responsible for any reasonable expenses and administration costs incurred by the University due to the immediate disposal of any of Your personal belongings left on the Premises on expiry of this Contract or early termination or vacation.

24.3 The University will not forward correspondence received once You have vacated the accommodation.

25 Bicycles

25.1 Bicycles are not permitted in Your bedroom or any other part of the Premises. Bicycles must be stored in the designated area for Your Residence.

25.2 This rule also applies to mopeds, scooters, and similar transport items.

26 Complaints Procedure

26.1 In the first instance, all complaints should be referred to the Residential Services Manager. If You wish to raise a more formal complaint about the condition of the Premises or about any issue arising from these Terms and Conditions of Occupancy, please read and follow the University Complaints Handling Procedure.

27 Disclaimer

27.1 Subject to the provisions of the Occupiers Liability (Scotland) Act 1960 the University shall not in any circumstances incur any liability in respect of loss or damage to any person, property or otherwise unless the damage is proven to be caused by the University’s negligence.

28 Notices

28.1 Any notice, communication or correspondence served in connection with this Contract by You must be in writing and delivered by hand, sent from Your University email address, or sent by first class post to Student Accommodation Services whose address appears on the Offer of Accommodation email. Any notices served by the University will be delivered by hand, sent by email to Your University email address, or posted by first class mail to Your accommodation.

29 Data Protection

29.1 The information held on Your accommodation application form and in any other records or correspondence relating to Your accommodation are stored as part of Your records on a database and as manual records. This data is held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, and the University’s Terms and Conditions of Occupancy and Code of Practice. For further information regarding the use and distribution of students’ personal information, please see the University Data Protection Code - Students (PDF, 614 KB). You hereby authorise the University to use Your personal data for all lawful purposes in connection with this Contract (including debt recovery and crime prevention) or where there is a serious risk of harm to You or to others or to the University’s property.

30 Invalidity

30.1 If any provision of this Contract is ruled invalid by any competent court or unenforceable in whole or part, then this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Contract.

31 Waiver

31.1 Failure or delay by the University to enforce any provision of this Contract is not to be considered a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision of this Contract.

32 Governing Law

32.1 Exclusively Scottish law and jurisdiction govern this Contract which, for international students, may be different to the laws in Your own country. You should make sure You read and understand these Terms and Conditions of Occupancy before accepting Your Offer of Accommodation letter or online Contract.