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Catered en suite

The en suite rooms in catered halls offer you the opportunity to live in a bedroom with access to your own en suite bathroom, and you’ll be provided with either 14, 15 or 19 meals per week.


Catered halls with en suite rooms

Catered halls of residence with en suite rooms are:

John Burnet Hall and University Hall are older and more traditional buildings. John Burnet Hall is located close to the centre of town, while University Hall is situated near the Sports Centre and is a short walk from the various science buildings on the North Haugh. Whitehorn Hall is a new building located adjacent to University Hall.

Agnes Blackadder and David Russell Apartments are more modern complexes situated on the west side of town near the Sports Centre and within a short walk to the various science buildings on the North Haugh.

Rooms in catered halls can vary in size and shape depending on the age and history of the buildings.

There are a small number of catered en suite rooms that are available to share with another student. Find out about shared rooms at St Andrews.

When can I move in?

We are opening the residences for arrivals from 10am on Monday 31 August through to Sunday 13 September at 8pm.

  • Students must book a date and time slot which can be accessed via the prearrival section of the application form once an offer is accepted. There are limited numbers for each date and time slot, please ensure you select this as soon as possible
  • If you have accepted a catered contract, catering will be provided from Monday 31 August

Arriving at St Andrews


Each catered hall of residence has a dining room and a dedicated catering team. Students are only able to eat in their own hall, although it is possible to pay for invited guests to join any hall meal for a small fee. You will also have access to a small communal kitchen to prepare light meals and snacks.

Agnes Blackadder Hall serves 19 meals per week with breakfast, lunch and dinner served on weekdays, and breakfast and lunch only at the weekends.

David Russell Apartments serves 14 meals per week with breakfast and dinner served on weekdays, and breakfast and lunch only at the weekends.

John Burnet Hall, University Hall and Whitehorn Hall serve 19 meals per week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every weekday, with breakfast and lunch only at the weekends.

Packed lunches

If you don’t have time to stop by your hall for lunch, you can order a packed lunch from your hall’s chef manager the day before and pick it up at breakfast. Packed lunches typically contain a sandwich or baguette, healthy popcorn, piece of fruit, healthy snack bar, and water or juice.

You can also use the ‘grab and go’ stations in your hall if you don’t have time to eat in the dining room. You can grab a baguette and choose your fillings, as well as a drink and crisps.

Special dietary requirements

Catered residences provide a vegetarian option at each meal as well as healthy alternatives (dishes with low levels of salt, sugar and saturated fats), but do not cater for vegan, halal or kosher diets. If you have a food allergy or specific dietary requirement, you should discuss your needs with the catering team by emailing before you arrive in St Andrews.

Food sources

The University has a real commitment to ethically sourced, quality products using Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar. We use free range eggs sourced locally, as well as sustainable produce and seasonal foods, wherever possible.

Sample menu

Menus are operated on a four-week cycle and are reviewed and amended on a regular basis. You can see typical menu items in the following sample menu:


Typical breakfast items may include:

  • continental breakfast selection including cereals, porridge, toast, fruit, yoghurts, cold meats and cheeses
  • hot breakfast selection including American pancakes, Belgian waffles or English muffins with poached eggs, smoked streaky bacon or mixed berry compote.


Typical lunch items may include:

  • tomato and basil soup
  • chicken tikka masala
  • pork frankfurter hotdog with sautéed onions
  • penne pasta with roast vegetables and Arabiatta sauce
  • baked potato or sweet potato with hot filling
  • salad bar
  • berry fool
  • fruit yoghurt


Typical dinner items may include:

  • mushroom soup
  • chicken satay
  • Toulouse sausage with onion jus
  • okra, potato and chickpea madras
  • selection of side dishes and salad bar
  • chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce
  • fruit yogurt.


In en suite bedrooms, you will have one of the following bed sizes:

  • single-size bed, approximately 3 foot wide (John Burnet Hall, University Hall and shared rooms at David Russell Apartments)
  • double-size bed, approximately 4 foot and 6 inches wide (Agnes Blackadder Hall and David Russell Apartments)
  • small double-size bed, approximately 4 foot wide (Whitehorn Hall).

Each bedroom also comes with the following pieces of furniture:

  • desk and chair
  • desk lamp and bulb
  • shelving
  • bed, mattress and mattress protector
  • wardrobe and drawer unit
  • waste bin and paper bin

Bedrooms do not come with bedding, and students should ensure that they bring their own duvet or blankets. Find out more on the bedding information page.

You will have a key or keycard which you will use to gain access to your hall of residence and bedroom; you should keep your key or keycard with you at all times and ensure your room is locked when you go out.

Take a look at what a catered en suite room in Agnes Blackadder Hall looks like.


All catered halls include a range of facilities which ensures that students have everything they need to live independently in St Andrews.

Students will find that there is at least one laundry room in each catered hall, with washers and dryers which are card operated with pre-loaded credit (Whitehorn Hall shares laundry facilities with University Hall).

There are a range of options for studying in each hall, including computer rooms, libraries or specific study rooms.

There are also a number of social spaces including common rooms, TV rooms and communal chill-out areas.


All halls of residence have wifi access to the University network, Eduroam.

Each bedroom in a hall of residence also has a wired access point for each student. In order to use a direct connection, you will need an ethernet (CAT5) cable which should be available within your hall.


In order to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel, or download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer, you need to be covered by a TV licence.

You will need a TV licence for any device you use to watch television programmes. Devices include:

  • TV
  • computer or laptop
  • mobile phone
  • tablet
  • games console
  • digital box
  • DVD recorder.

If you watch or download programmes without a TV licence, you risk prosecution and paying a penalty.

If you do not watch or record programmes, you will still need to notify TV Licensing that you don’t need a license.


In most catered en suite accommodation, communal kitchen facilities are cleaned once a week by the in-hall cleaning team. The exception to this is David Russell Apartments where residents are jointly responsible for cleaning their own kitchen.

In John Burnet Hall and University Hall your room will be cleaned and vacuumed regularly as part of the hall’s routine cleaning service. You are responsible for cleaning your own bathroom. Room cleaning is not available in Agnes Blackadder Hall, Whitehorn or David Russell Apartments. 

You are expected to maintain hygiene standards in between routine cleaning.

Fees and contracts

The standard contract length for a catered en suite room varies depending on the hall you are allocated. The contract for students with rooms in John Burnet Hall or University Hall is 33 weeks. The contract for students with rooms in Agnes Blackadder Hall, David Russell Apartments, and Whitehorn Hall is 38 weeks.

This means that students in Agnes Blackadder Hall, David Russell Apartments, and Whitehorn Hall can stay in their rooms over the Christmas and spring vacations, but students in John Burnett Hall and University Hall are not able to stay in their accommodation over the Christmas vacation. All catered halls are open during the spring vacation on a self-catered basis.

Catered en suite fees 2020-2021

  • Agnes Blackadder Hall (19 meals per week)
    • Single room: £9,403
    • Shared room: £8,424
  • David Russell Apartments (14 meals per week)
    • Single room: £8,790
    • Shared room: £7,811
  • John Burnet Annexe (19 meals per week)
    • Single room: £8,461
  • University Hall (19 meals per week) 
    • Single room: £8,461
    • Shared room: £7,614
  • Whitehorn Hall (19 meals per week)
    • Single room: £9,681

You can find out more about fees for different types of residences on the accommodation fees page.


All University halls of residence have their own wardennial team who live within the hall and are trained to support students in a range of matters – from advice on academic matters through to first aid. New students will meet their warden and team of assistant wardens during their moving in weekend.

Wardens and support


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