Fees and financial information

Before you arrive, you will need to set up payment for your tuition and accommodation fees. You may also be interested in looking into any scholarships or funding opportunities.

You should also consider other expenses you may encounter while living abroad, and whether you wish to open a bank account while living in Scotland.

Tuition fees

You must pay any tuition fees by the deadline. You will not become a fully registered student until you have paid your fees in full or set up an installment plan.

Your tuition fees must be paid using one of the following methods by 9 September 2019:

  • payment in full
  • payment by installments - 50% (international or UK bank transfer)
  • credit or debit card agreements
  • letter from sponsor confirming your tuition fees will be covered by them. If you are applying from a partner institution, your fees records will be automatically updated and you do not need to send a sponsor confirmation letter.

You will set up payment for tuition fees during online matriculation.

Where a student’s programme at the University of St Andrews is sponsored by a partner institution or provider, the partner or provider will be liable for payment of the programme fee.