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How to enter

To access the application form, you need to register for an account by providing your email address and setting a password. The application must be registered under the name of the lead applicant, who must be the person who will travel to St Andrews to present if the project is selected for the final.

You will then be emailed a link to verify your account (please check your junk folder if this does not arrive within a few hours). This link will remain active for 24 hours.


Woman seaweed farming

Completing the form

After logging in, you will first be invited to upload an image that you feel best illustrates your project. This can be a photograph, diagram, or other suitable graphic. If you wish to return to this image and upload a different one, you can do so by clicking the home button on the navigation bar.

You will then be asked a series of questions which are designed to give the judges a detailed insight into your project, its success to date and how you plan to take it forward.

There are also questions related to education and career history. You should answer all relevant questions and put “N/A” to any that do not apply to you. The judges will not penalise any applicant for an “N/A” response.

Please note all entries must be submitted in English.

Saving and submitting your entry

Once you have completed the form, you will be able to save your application and return to it at a later date. The form will prompt you to answer any questions you might have missed before allowing you to save. Please note that if you do not receive an ‘Application saved’ message, your entry will not have saved.

After hitting submit, you will see a preview of your application, which will also be visible each time you log into your account. If you notice any errors or decide you would like to amend your responses before the deadline date, you can do so by hitting ‘Withdraw submission’, as this will allow you to go back into your entry, make changes and resubmit ahead of the deadline date.

Tips for applicants

The judges are looking for you to provide a compelling overview of your project, as well as evidence of its success to date and how the idea might be applied to other situations or geographic regions.

In your entry, you need to clearly identify the environmental problem being tackled and explain how your project is helping to solve it. You must also note how the values of your project align with the environment and its sustainability, with particular reference to the UN Goals on Sustainable Development.

To help you do this and increase your chance of progressing in the competition you should:

  • Write clearly and for a general audience
  • Not assume the judges will have prior knowledge of the project, its innovative aspects, or any technology described
  • Provide sufficient technical or other detail to support claims made
  • Provide clear evidence of the project’s impact and benefits
  • Limit the use of acronyms and ensure these are defined
  • Avoid repetition and omit irrelevant information.

Enter your submission

Start your entry for the 2021 St Andrews Prize for the Environment. The deadline for entries is Friday 26 February 2021.