About the St Andrews Prize

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment is a major international initiative led by the University of St Andrews that recognises and supports innovative and inspirational responses to environmental challenges, including the climate crisis. It is overseen by the Master of the United College, Professor Ineke De Moortel FRAS FRSE.

Since 1998, the Prize has awarded more than $2 million in prize money across the world to individuals and organisations whose imaginative solutions are protecting the environment and promoting a more sustainable society.

Now in its 25th year, the Prize aims to champion the people and ideas addressing the greatest challenge of our age.


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History of the Prize

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment was established in 1998 by the University of St Andrews to recognise significant contributions to environmental conservation. Originally awarded in conjunction with ConocoPhillips, in 2020, the University assumed full responsibility for the Prize.

Since its launch, the Prize has attracted over 6,000 entries which cover everything from reducing human-animal conflict, to environmental justice, to reducing and eliminating waste, to urban regeneration.

There have been 24 winners and 58 runners-up, who have all received a cash prize to further develop and implement their projects.


The University of St Andrews stands for research and teaching of the highest quality and the pursuit of knowledge for the common good. The University aims to be a beacon for diversity and social responsibility. These values are articulated in its strategy, which expresses ambitions across four distinct but equally important themes: World-leading St Andrews, Diverse St Andrews, Global St Andrews, and Entrepreneurial St Andrews. All entries must be consistent with the values of the University.


The judging panel is chaired by Professor Sir Ian Boyd FRS FRSE PRSB and includes the Master of the United College and external representatives whose expertise includes conservation and economics. The judges are supported by a Screening Committee comprising University of St Andrews academic and professional staff and PhD students.


We were honoured to work with ConocoPhillips to establish and grow a partnership that blended academic and corporate expertise. Since 2020, the Prize has been supported by a consortium of new partners who have allowed us to embark on the next phase of the Prize’s story, providing vital funding for pioneering projects, extending their impact to a wider audience, and leading to long-term change.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported the St Andrews Prize for the Environment, and particularly our lead donors:

  • The Kelter family
  • Jacqueline Montfort
  • Mark Talbot
  • Jay and Louisa Winthrop

We invite you to consider joining our growing consortium of donors who have committed to the Prize’s future and who are helping us to open up opportunities for projects and communities alike.

For further information on supporting the St Andrews Prize for the Environment, please contact Robert Fleming, Director of Development, director.development@st-andrews.ac.uk.

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