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Eligibility and selection

The St Andrews Prize welcomes applications from individuals and organisations (including community groups) who lead projects that protect the environment and/or contribute to its sustainable development.

As a core aim of the Prize is to bring about substantial progress in solving environmental problems, we seek applications from projects where winning would lead to a step-change in the development and implementation of the idea.


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Eligible projects

For a project to be eligible it must:

  • Be related to sustainable development and/or biodiversity, and be aligned with the UN Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Be replicable from one geographic area to another and ideally be scalable in size
  • Have a clearly defined need for funding
  • Have the ability to inspire others in the field
  • Contribute to the global pursuit of sustainability in the short- to long-term
  • Meet high ethical standards in respect of intellectual property, and in how it interacts with people, and with the environment
  • Must be inclusive

Ineligible projects

  • Research projects
  • Projects with no environmental benefit
  • Major infrastructure projects e.g. construction of a building
  • Projects focused on special interest groups or that are exclusive of particular groups in society
  • Regular or annual events that are not connected to a new initiative
  • Projects related to political activities, lobbying or religious groups
  • Projects that are designed purely for fundraising purposes


Entries will be reviewed by the Screening Committee, who will draw up a shortlist for the Trustees’ consideration. Applicants who progress to the shortlisting stage will be contacted and invited to submit a short video summarising their project. They will also be asked to provide contact details of two independent referees who can be contacted during the due-diligence process.

The finalists will then be invited to attend the St Andrews Prize for the Environment seminar, which will take place at the University of St Andrews from 3 October – 6 October 2021. Finalists must attend the seminar to present in person, unless national regulations at the time preclude travel or gathering.

Right to deselect an entry

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any entry which in the Trustees opinion does not engender a satisfactory level of confidence.

2021 Prize

Entries for the 2021 St Andrews Prize for the Environment are now closed.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday 5 October 2021.

Previous St Andrews Prize winners

Find out more about our innovative and inspiring former winners and how they are protecting the environment and encouraging a more sustainable society.