Research centres

The Department hosts, or is involved in, five research centres. 

Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CAS) is an interdisciplinary area studies research centre. CAS is based in the Department of Social Anthropology, and beyond the interests and expertise of its staff, the Centre is interested in all research concerned with Latin America, the Caribbean and Amerindian societies.

Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies

The St Andrews Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies (CCS) exists to explore the implications and the possibilities of cosmopolitanism, which is understood as compassing: the complexity of society and culture globally; the experience of the individual citizen; and the openness of a free and just society.

Logo of CCS

Centre for Energy Ethics

The Centre for Energy Ethics (CEE) offers a creative and interdisciplinary environment for collaboration across arts, humanities, social and natural sciences. With a focus on research, policy and public engagement, the CEE pursues the guiding question of not only what can we do, but also what should we do in order to create a better energy future for us all.

Centre for Minorities Research

The Centre for Minorities Research (CMR) is a timely initiative that brings together interdisciplinary expertise from an outstanding pool of staff from across six Schools at the University of St Andrews. CMR explores the complexities, challenges and opportunities, continuities and discontinuities, unity and ruptures of the ‘everyday lives’ of minorities, in Scotland and beyond.

Logo of the Centre for Minorities Research

Centre for Pacific Studies

The Centre for Pacific Studies (CPS) is unique in the UK and is internationally recognised for its research, teaching, impact and public engagement portfolios. Since 2008, CPS has played a leading role in research throughout the wider Oceania region, and has created international partnerships across Europe and with research institutions across the Pacific.

Logo of the Centre for Pacific Studies